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Gujerat Earth Quake relief Funds

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Tue Jan 30 2001 - 18:39:29 PST

Dear BhakthAs:

As we see the heart wrenching pictures from 
the front line at Gujerat and take in the magnitude 
of the relief effort that is being rushed from all nations,
the sense of urgency on our part to help generously 
is heightened . The chaos there is indescribable. The suffering 
is immense.The tragedy is multi-faceted. The deep scars
and the tremondous void created in the hearts of those 
left behind to carry on are beyond imagination.Our
compassionate AchAryAs are asking us to get engaged.

Let us help as much as we can fully knowing that it 
can never mitigate the enormous suffering , but atleast 
help the suffering people to cope with this disaster
through the expeditious transmission of funds through 
relief agencies of our choice tackling the gigantic 
operational problems on ground .

Inscrutable indeed are the Lord's ways ! Let us offer 
our prayers to Him in this time of great stress 
to help those left behind bear their unbearable losses. 

Let us use the authorless vedic words to beseech
His intercession and grace :

dhAmanthE visvam bhuvanam adhi sritham antaha :
samudhrE hrudhyanthar aayushi I
apAm anIkE samiTE ya Aabhruta s tam asyama
madhumantham ta Oormim II...Rg Vedam: IV.58.11

(meaning): O Adorable Lord! The entire Universe finds 
refuge in Your effulgence , whether it be in the interspace ,
in the emotional heart , in the vital breath , in ocean ,
in army or chaos(warfare).May we receive those sweetly 
flavoured waves of bliss , which proceed from You and 
end in You ( to assuage our unbearable sorrow).

visvAni nO dhurgrahaa JaathavEdha: Sindhum na naavA 
dhurithAti parshi I..Rg Vedam V.4.9

(meaning): Oh Lord ! May You bear us , Oh Omniscient Lord,
over all unsurmountable woes and evils , as on a boat
across a river.

AgnE thvam nO anthama utha thrAthA 
sivO bhavaa varUTya: (Rg Vedam: V.24.2; Yajur Vedam: III.25 )

(Meaning): Oh Adorable Lord , giver of dwellings and 
dispenser of food , be near us and bestow upon us 
wealth , splendidly renowned (to overcome the disarray of 
the day).

kvEyaTa kvEd asi puruthrA cidh dhi te manaha I
alarshi yudhma khajakrith puramdara praGaayathrA agAsishuh:
( Rg vedam: VIII.1.7)

(meaning ): Oh Lord ! Where indeed are You? 
Whither have You gone? Verily, Your mind must be wandering 
amongst many .Oh Veteran among the warriors , the destroyer 
of the citadels of ignorance , please come here , where 
the people(Chanters) are singing Your praises .

Pray , do come near us and bring us strength in varied 
forms , so that it may protect us (all)!( Rg Vedam : VIII.1.4) 

NaarAyaNa , NaarAyana , NaarAyaNa !



           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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