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Date: Wed Jan 31 2001 - 14:30:11 PST

Namo Sriman Narayana,

Dear BhaktAs,

As per the Advise of Sri V.Sadagopan, Adiyen would like to share his 
inputs on the significance of Sri Panchamukhi Anjaneyar.

Sri Anjaneyar is actually considered as the personification of 
'Prana' Shakti.As Prana shakti comprises of five types - Prana, 
Apana,Vyana,Udana and Samana,Sri Panchamukhi Anjaneyar is the 
personification of all these Five Pranas.

Sri David Frawlay (Sri Vamadeva Sastri) summarises the five pranas as 
"The five Pranas are energies and processes that occur on several 
levels.However we can localize them in a few key ways.Prana Vayu 
governs the movement of energy from the head down to the navel,which 
is the Pranic center in the physical body. 
Apana Vayu governs the movement of energy from the navel down to the 
root chakra.Samana Vayu governs the movement of energy from the 
entire body back to the navel. Vyana Vayu governs the movement of 
energy out from the navel throughout the entire body. Udana governs 
the movement of energy from the navel up to the head"

So the Five Mukhams of Sri Anjaneyar are:

Prana - forward moving Air  - represents Sri Hanuman
Apana - downward moving Air - represents Sri Varaha (Lord went to   
Vyana - Outward moving Air  -	represents Sri Narasimha (Lord who
is Everywhere came out of Pillar)
Udana - 'Upward moving Air  - which controls  speech, Spirituality, 
Jnanam etc - Sri Hayagrivan
Samana - Balancing Air - which is controled by Kala - Time - is Sri

So ultimately we are sure that Prana shakti is Everywhere and so Sri
Anjaneyar is also a Chiranjivi.So Naturally Lord Sriman Narayanan 
along with Sri Lakshmi Tayar will always reside in the heart of Sri 
Anjaneyar. There is really a great Charm/Ananda in contemplating Lord 
Sri Seetha Ramar as established in the hridayam of Sri Panchamukhi 

Namo Sriman Narayana 

Suresh Srinivasamurthy

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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