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Dr. N.S.AnanthrangAcchAr's Second teleupanyAsam: Jan 28 , 2001

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Jan 31 2001 - 14:00:21 PST

Dear BahkthAs:

Dr.NSA Swamy gave yet another lucid and most informative 
upanyAsam last week( jan 28) on the Series on the Spirtual 
paths of VedAnthA  . The first lecture has been 
summarized in  a posting on Januray 15( #11480 of Bahkthi list 
Messages).That UpanyAsam dealt with the qualifications required of
a Saadhaka and the importance of AchArya PrApthi for
the realization of the fruits of SaadhanA .

In this upanyAsam , he focused on the concept of SaadhanA
as revealed by Rg Vedic Rks. He plans to go from Rg Vedic
approach to that taken by Upanishads, GitA and VedAnthA
SoothrAs in that order. Dr.NSA Swamy's UpanyAsams are
treaure troves and the fruits of deep study in VedAnthA.
We are indeed fortunate to listen to them .
I would like to encourage as many bhakthAs as possible to 
particpate in these upanyAsams and get their doubts cleared.
Sri Krishna Kalale once again served as an outstanding 
moderator in the Q&A sessions . His summary of the Questions from
the particpants for the benefit of Dr.NSA were excellent.
I will summarize the highlights of this upanyAsam as a 
kaimkaryam to others , who could not attend . Please overlook 
any mistakes in my summary that might have arisen from 
poor grasping of the deep concepts addressed by Dr.NSA. 
Other particpants are invited to correct them. 

January 28 UpanyAsam

(1) Rg veda manthrAs provide an important underpinning
for understanding the spiritual paths as expounded by 
the classical system of VedAnthA . 

(2)Yaaska in his Niruktham has pointed out that Rg Veda 
manthrAs have 3 levels of meanings : (a) Yaj~nArtham or
for ritualistic purposes (b) Aadhi DhaivArtham (Agni ,
Vaayu , SooryA et al)and (c)AdhyAthmArtham  or in the supreme 
spiritual sense.

(3) In the adhyAthmArtham , the philosophical vision is
perfectly understood inspite of the ritualistic undertones.
No system of exposition of Vedantha is picked out 
in Rg Vedam ,which gives praise to One Supreme Lord
(Aathman) , which is called by different names:

yEka yEva AathmA , BahaudhA ShrUyathE , TasyA anga-
prathyangA itharANi 

( Other references: yEkam sadh viprA: bahudhA
  vadanthyagnim Yamam maatharisvAnamAhu: Rg Rk: I.164.46)

(4) THREE important aspects of SaadhanA can be understood from 
Rg veda SamhithA : 

(a) Purification/PURGATION or Aathma samskaraNam
(b)MEDITATION on the Supreme to divest us of inauspiciousnes and
introduce all that is good , grand and subham.
(c) UNITIVE LIFE .All efforts should be made towards gaining
PurushArtham.Harmony between life here and the life here after
has to be achieved . Balance has to be struck between Pravrutthi
and nivrutthi ( action and giving up all) to attain the supreme
goal of SaadhanA and its parama purushArtham.

(5) There are number of Rg Vedic manthrams that underline
the above vision . The following Rg Rk is a revelatrory one:

pari chinmarthO dhraviNam mamanyAdh rthasya paTA namasA vivAsEth
utha svEna krathunA sam vadhEtha srEyAmsam dhaksham manasA jagrubhyAth
Rg Vedam : Xth Canto -->31.2
(meaning): Let a mortal be first desirous of accumulating 
wealth and strive to gain it by truthful means and sacrifice and by 
his own mental insight , and let him finally earn it with his
wisdom and virtuous efforts. 

Swamy said that man should earn wealth by all righteous means
and use it for the good of all . Here , the process of worldly
conduct (pravrutthi dharmam) is outlined. Earning has to be 
accomplished without attachment for the good of the people .
The earner has to reflect upon the true nature of himself ,
the universe , its cause and purpose through his intellect
(KrathunA manasA visuddhEna sam vadEtha).

One who understands this well from reflection will surrender
himself to the Supreme One (srEyasAM daksham )) ,who controls 
all actions and hold on to Him firmly (jagrubhyAth).

All the THREE aspects of Saadhanai ( Purgation , Meditation 
and Unitive Life) are covered in this Rk. 

(6) In another Rg veda manthram containig the following
phrases ,( sahasra rayim dEhi--adhrOhENa VachasA sathyam -- 
subrahmANam bruhantham gurum --abhivAdhisham--svavasam--
suneetham --samsayam--bhUri vaaram ), the three fundamental 
concepts of Saadhanai are affirmed again.The message is :
One should follow the auspicious path of life to acquire 
happiness and highest wealth by travelling on a sinless
path (Svasthi pankthAm anucharENa).It is an ardous task .
The manthram does not suggest release from this burden 
for the Saadhakan(na asyA: vimucham).He yokes himself 
to the burden(uphill task) in a spirit of MahA VisvAsam
in the Supreme One leading him on the right path (prakaratha:)
He will be prepared to face the difficult path and cross it
with courage.He will stay away from petty-minded people and
trust fully only in the Supreme One. 

The Saadhakan will not live on the labors of others( Maaham
Raajan anyakruthEna BhOjam). Self reliance (No para RuNam), 
hard work to maintain himself and leading a contented life 
rich in auspicous thoughts (namasA vivAsEdh)will be the hall 
marks of that Saadhakan.He will recognize that life divested of
sins is not possible without the grace of the compassionate 
Lord.He will therefore pray for the removal of all weakness ,
animosity (dhvEsahm) and purificatoion of the mind to
banish all the diseases that have entered into the house of
mind.Dr.NSA Swamy quoted one of the shortest manthrams of
Rg Vedam here with just ten syllables (X.20.1) in this context:

" bhadram nO api vaathaya mana:"( Oh supreme Lord ! May Thou
inspire our mind towards beneficial works!) . Saayana intreprets
this propitaiation to the Lord as : "Tvath sambhandhi-SthOthra-
karaNE prErayEth" ( Please manifest towards us a favorable mind 
and bless us to be engaged in euolgies relating to You ).
The insight is given that all actions are ruled over by 
the all compassionate Lord. All attainments are recognized
as gifts of the Lord.This covers all attained by body ,mind
and knowledge. Lord is invoked to direct us in the right way.
man can not do anything independently. For those , who question
His existence and ask who has seen Him , The Lord gives 
the answer (ayamasmi ,pasya maa iha). 


The Saadhakan prays: mruLa mahyam jeevAthumicchA .Oh Lord !
please accept what is uttered by me , who is longing for You
(thvAm ichcu:).Make me blessed with Your realization ( Kruthim
maam Devavantham). Make life worth living so that such a life
will contribute richly to the fructification of You , the Supreme
Being ! 

We reached by this time , the half way point of a Two hour 
UpanyAsam as Dr.NSA Swamy completed the survey of the Purification 
of the Mind , the first of the three steps of a SaadhanA.

We will cover the rest of the UpanyAsam in a subsequent
posting .

Daasan , V.SatakOpan            


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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