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Re: Human cloning

From: sampath kumar (
Date: Tue Feb 29 2000 - 02:09:25 PST

--- wrote:
> Dear BhagavathAs,
> Re: questions on human> cloning. Here are some of my
observations.> Being a gene jockey by profession, I 
> feel compelled to make some comments.
> >>(5) If the original soul (aatmA) has a load of
> "karma"> upon it, then, does the soul of the cloned
human> also> have similar "karma"? Or does the clone
start its> "kArmic" journey afresh from the first
moment of its> cloned creation and existence?<<
> Punya and pApa of the past life of the original
> human also attach to the clone. This is like parents
> having one child versus many children. Each child
will have it's share of past Karma. In the case of
clone, it's past life Karma would be identical to past
life Karma of the cloned. 

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Dear Sri.TatachAr,

Adiyen found your post on "clones" to be very, very
interesting. Are you someway connected with the
science of genetics? Thank you for your thougtful

Adiyen has one question for you. You say that "In the
case of clone, it's past life Karma would be identical
to past life Karma of the cloned". How are you so sure

The clone is not "born" in the same way as a natural
human being is, right? The clone is not born out of
the natural process of procreation but out of a
process of natural manipulation. A clone is a
biological replicate... It is not a spiritual
replicate. Scientists take a piece of DNA cell from
the original and artificially inseminate it with life.
So how can a clone be said to be possess a "soul" or
"jeeva"? How can a clone have "spiritual potential" as
you say? How can a clone have a past "karma" to work
off in the present and future?

Adiyen is extremely reluctant to grant a clone any
kind of "soul" at all! That is why adiyen feels a
clone is nothing but a "jada" insentient... but a
very superior kind of 'jada', perhaps.

Adiyen would like to have your comments, please.

After hearing from you adiyen will relate to you a
very interesting conversation on the same topic that
adiyen had recently with a holy man in Chennai. He had
quite a different point of view on human clones... and
very interesting too!


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