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From: GOpis Mails (
Date: Wed Feb 23 2000 - 20:12:12 PST

 Dear  Bhakthi list members, Adiyen Sri Vaishnava Sri A.Krishnamachari seyyum vinnappam . 
 In order to Upkeep the Glorious tradition of Sri Vaishnavism , the Paramavaideega Madham it is imperative that we take all the necessary steps to propagate the tenets of Sri Vaishnavism among the masses by means of Popular media such as T.V. which would reach millions of Urban viewers , Slide shows to get the message across to the illiterate rural mass and by saving the great works of our Azhwars and Acharyas in Print Media for the generations to come .    
 There are many rare works of our great Azhwars and Acharyas that need to be reprinted .

The following works are in Telugu Script in the transliterated form .The scholars who are capable of rendering them in Tamil script are very few .In another 5-6 years these people will also be not around to do this job. The word " Luptham"  (Extinct) will appear alongside the names of these great literary gems in the years to come if no corrective action is taken now to print these rare books . 

1.The Sanskrit Commentary on Ashtasloki  by Prathivathi Bhayankaram Annan , Disciple of Manavala Mamunigal and the Manipravala Commentary by Kunnathur Ayyan running to 400 pages. 

2.Even though we have completed the Printing of  Eedu with Jeeyar  arumpadham  the monumental      work   by Aathan Jeeyar known as Adayavalaindhan Arumpadham is  in Telugu script Only . The Adayavalaindhan Arumpadham for the first 3 Decads only has already been printed,The remaining 7 Decads are yet to be printed .

3.Many Pramanas (Quotes from Scriptures) in the Commentary of Ramanuja Nootrandadhi and Ramanujarya Divyacharitham by Pillailokam Jeeyar are also in Telugu script only .

4.Prameya Rathnam is a Beautiful work by the grandson of Thirumalai Andan .It is similar to Vaarthamalai .Again this Book is also in Telugu script only .

5.Sri. U. Ve. Kanchi Prathivadhi Bhayangaram Annangaracharya Swamy's Commentary on Divyaprabandham known as Divyarthadeepikai  has not been printed in full till date.His commentaries on various Poorvacharya Sthothras are also to be Reprinted .In fact Sri Vaishnava Sri has already started this work and the Divyarthadeepikai for the first 3 Tiruvoimozhis has been completed with great difficulty .However this project is now struck without proceeding any further ,Because of the high cost of Publishing and Printing .The Public is also reluctant to purchase the High priced  Books . 

In order to print the books at an affordable cost it has to be subsidised through Sponsorship by some Philanthropic minded individuals like the  bhakthi list members . A Corpus fund of Rupees 6 Lakhs (600,000) is necessary to bring out all the works as mentioned above.

The 1000th Year Celebration (Millennium) of Koorathazhwan will be in the year 2008 , Ramanuja ' s Millennium is in the year 2017 and Mudaliandan Millennium will be in 2021 . These are great events in the Chronological Calendar of Sri Vaishnava Sampradayam and Should be given the same Importance as the Just Concluded Gregorian Calendar Millennium - Y2K . This event should be celebrated by One and All . This message should be told to the masses by means of Multimedia Presentation and Slideshows of the Life sketches of our  Great Azhwars , Acharyas and other Great personalities like Ramanuja ,Koorathazhwan, Maraner Nambi , Pillai Uranga Villidasar etc.,

The Modern Communication techniques such as Slideshow and Multimedia Presentations when shown in villages and schools will create a revolution in the minds of the people .For achieving this revolution an investment of Rupees 3 Lakhs is required towards the infrastructural development. We once again request Philanthropists who are interested in the Upliftment of our Great Sampradayam to Come forward to Sponsor these Dream Projects and make them a Ground Reality and Bring Glory to Emberumanar .

I Look forward to a Contribution of Rupees 2 Lakhs as the first instalment to initiate the various works outlined above .Contributions for the above Noble cause may be sent by Cheque or DD drawn in favour of  "Sri Vaishnava Sri" payable at Srirangam . 

Adiyen Ramanujadasan , Sri Vaishnava Sri  A.Krishnamachari