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Darshan at Tiruvallur!

From: Smitha Ajay (
Date: Wed Feb 23 2000 - 20:50:49 PST

Dear bhakti members,
I had a wonderful darshan at Tiruvallur of Sri Veeraraghava Perumal and Kanakavalli Thayar.
I am sorry for having delayed writing about the same.I thank all the members of the Bhakti site with special reference to Sri Anand Karalapakkam and Sri Lakshmi Narasimhan.

I am thankful to Sri Anand for having written about all the details of Tiruvallur including the Sthala puranam,significance,etc-so,i have no much details to elaborate on.
It must be clear that Lord Veeraraghavan is none other than our Lord Rama in the shayana or lying down posture and the Thayar is Goddess Sita incarnate.
However i had 2 queries regarding the same,which again thanks to Sri Anand was cleared soon enough.I am presenting the 2 doubts which i had posed to Sri Anand below along with the answers for the same for the benefit of the rest of the Bhakti members:

> 1)The bhattar told us that the moolavar Sri Veeraraghava Perumal always wears/is tied with a checks dhoti-any reason?

   PerumAL (in the disguise of a man) asked SAlohOtra Maharishi
   to provide a cloth for covering his body (while sleeping),
   to get over the chilness. He provided a cloth with checks
   that time. So, after the archA avatAram took place, that
   incident is remembered by providing a similar cloth to PerumAL.
   Infact, the most special "mariyAdai" / honour at tiruvaLUr
   divya dEsam is the attainment of a checked cloth from
   VeerarAghava PerumAL.

> 2)The face of the Thayar ( utsavar) is golden in color because Lord Rama
> performed the Ashwamedha yagna  with a golden statue beside him?Also what
> is the other name of the Thayar-the bhattar told she is also called
> Goddess......Sita-i could not grasp the name correctly.

  It must be "Swarna Seeta". "Swarna" means Gold.

So far i have seen only 3 Divyadesams namely Vanamamalai,Tiruvaheendrapuram and Tiruvallur in great detail and interest thou' i have seen many more much earlier without knowing their respective significance at that time.
I hope and pray that with all your best wishes and support,i can obtain the darshan of as many divyadesams as possible and present an account of the same to the bhakti memebers,
Thank u once again for your support and encouragement towards learning our sampradayam,acharyas,divyadesams,etc.
Smitha Ajay.