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Re: jIvan in plants

From: R.Rajiv (
Date: Tue Feb 22 2000 - 21:04:09 PST

On Tue, 22 Feb 2000, K K wrote:

> Hi 
>  It's true, thats why, even when we cook something and
> eat without offering to the God, Basically we are
> consuming Sin, and thats why, even vegetable or
> anything for that matter, before we eat, we must say
> KrisharPanam (Offering to that Supreme Lord Sri
> Krishna) and eat it, so thats why we aren't consuming
> anything sin. !! Well then one can ask, does that
> apply to meat !! Well No way and not at all !!! 
> There is lot more explanation to it, but i just wanna
> cut it short here.
	Please explain more on this. I have heard that Vishvamithra once
did neivedhyam of meat. Is this not a valid practice ? Are Kshyatriyas not
allowed to eat meat(after offering it to Lord) ? 
    I believe Brahmanas are not allowed to eat meat. But not so for
Kshatriyas. They are given some discount.. ie.. they can eat ONLY after
offering it to the lord.
 Please correct me if I am wrong.