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From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Feb 20 2000 - 06:56:17 PST

Dear BhakthAs :
One of our dear members had a question 
on Naandhi ceremony ( typically known
as Naandhi SrArdham ) in our religious 
observances . There is  no asubham about it 
inspite of the link with the word , SrArdham ( SraddhayA Krutham/
done with faith ) . 

This wite up on Naandhi would be of 
general interst to you all .
>At 06:55 PM 2/2/00 -0500, you wrote:
>>Respected Sriman Sadagopan:
>>May I ask you yet another clarifying question? I cannot understand my own
>>notes for the ceremony that is popularly known as naandi.  The word is a
>>corruption, ie, mispronouncement of -- and this is where I could not read
>>my writing.

Dear BhakthA :

Naandhi is the salutations/praise of  a deity (dEvAs)
at the commencement of a religious observance 
or rite. It is invoked on auspicious occasions like 
Seemantham , Upanayanam , VivAham et al .It is a Pithru
PoojA or Vandhanam. Sumangali PrArthanA is the equivalent
for Mathru PoojA . In the south , Naandhi SrArtham is
done as hiraNya dhAnam .In KeraLA , they perform Naandhi
as anna srArdham .

"nandhathi dEvA: athra ithi Naandhi " is the definition 
for the term Naandhi .A ceremony that delights the DevAs
is practised for auspiciousness at the commencement of 
a religious observance is known as Naandhi. 

The verses used for defining Naandhi rites are  :

(1)  aasIrvachana samyukthA nithyam yasmAth prayujyathE I
     dEva dhvija nrupathInAm tasmAnn naandhIthi samJ~ithA II
(2)) dEva dhvija nrupathInAm aasIrvachana pUrvikA I
     nandhathi devathA yasyAm tasmAnn naandhIthi keerthithA II

It is thus  a benedictory rite seeking to please
the dEvAs prior to engaging in religious ceremonies .