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jIvan in plants

From: vchandra (
Date: Sat Feb 19 2000 - 01:23:10 PST

Dear members,
   I have some doubts regarding jIva's existence in plants and likes. We and almost every other faith strongly believe that plants also have an embodied self or jIva in them. The following questions are in these lines.

1. There are some variety of plants which can grow from cut portions of a grown plant. Examples are hibiscus (semparutthi pU), rose which can grow from cut stems of a grown plant. In this case, scientifically speaking the stub must have been having active cells etc., even after it was cut, for it to grow once it gets water and minerals upon staking it into a suitable soil. Only thing is, this stub is not yet sentient. At what stage, does a jIva get into such a prospective life bearing body, in this case, the new plant ? More than a question, this doubt is just to pick some of your thoughts in this regard.

2. We have seen germinating seeds like green peas, green gram (payaru) which develop a rudimentary stub coming out of the seed, after it is soaked in water for a few hours. Will this germinated seed have a jIvan in it ? Quite likely it will. Again, trying to gather your thoughts on this. 

   Looking forward to hearing from members on this subject.

   Thanks and warm regards,