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Periya Thirumozhi 8.2- uNNum naaLillai; uRakkamum thaanillai; KaNNapuram thozhum

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Thu Feb 17 2000 - 21:15:54 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

The mother of Parakala nAyaki goes on to lament about her daughter's falling 
crazy after ThirukkaNNapuram PerumAL.

1. The most knowledgeable one- the chief and director of even Devas- the 
divine consort of the most beautiful Periya PiraaTTi- the personification of 
Suddha sathvam- the most gorgeous golden like form- and such Greatest You- 
why do You need to steal my daughter’s bangles? What is that which she did: 
all that she did is to pay her anjali towards the direction of your 
ThirukkaNNapuram. idhenna anyaayam? (It is unbecoming of such Great You to 
have stolen her wrist bangles- .)

2. (When Sowriraja PerumAL said, "Your girl does not have the feminine 
qualities of shyness..., you need to correct her..", the mother says..) I 
kept her at the top of the building (in order not to listen to others' and 
get influenced), she looked at all directions and looked towards ThirukkaNNa 
pura- she gets excited looking at that. She yells, "hey! look at 
ThirukkaNNapuram" and rejoices at that. She had even attmpted madal oordhal, 
by falling in love with ThirunaRaiyoor Nambhi(He is responsible for her 
falling in love with Him). This singer (paaNar) is bent on her such actions 
of love for Him. What can I do? (the singer- "paaNar" is supposed to let the 
lady join her lover.. by singing love tunes.- Poorvars say AzhwAr meant 
AchAryan here.)

3.  My girl babbles saying "Thiruneermalai, ThiruvEmkatam et al, without 
knowing what she is speaking. Thirumeyyam- when she hears she gets 
exasperated. She exclaims, "The most welathiest ThirukkaNNapuram", she melts 
at that statement, she gets thinner and thinner; she suffers languishing. 
What a pitiable sight to see my daughter suffering like this!

4. There is no day, she (enjoys to) likes eating. She does not even sleep 
(comfortably); She doe not have even the age (of having been in unison with 
her Man and then separated); She is still a young innocent girl. She is 
paying obeisance to KaNNan's ThirukkaNNapuram only. Her mind is always on 
the ocean like dark bluish most beautiful KaNNan. What is the great wonder 
in it! (It is not.- so, why are You troubling her?)

5.  My girl, who pays her anjali to ThirukkaNNapuram,. where KaNNan resides, 
tells me with no "lajjai" (shyness) about her love for You, forgetting her 
feminine naaNam. She tells how she longs for You without knowing that she 
has to hide such things from the mother. Not just telling. She also acts and 
laments and her body fair golden colour complexion has gone pale. When 
listening to the butter thief's getting tied down to mortar, she goes crazy.

6. She says "We have come here to stay at this place of ThirukkaNNapuram 
from the northern Thirumalai. The little girl of yesterday- the most 
beautiful feminine one- my darling daughter- what all she is saying and 
longing for Emperumaan! What does Emperumaan do to her? This Lord- who had 
enjoyed uniting with the cowherd women at Thurvaayarpaadi- for Him, this 
poor small, young girl (pEthai- seven year old?)- what will she do? What is 
the use of His stealing away her sleep?

7.  When the noisy wavy ocean makes roaring sounds, and when the cool moon 
shower its rays, why does she go thin? How long will she go thin? Is she 
getting used to feel suffering like this? Her only desire is the Sriranngam 
Divya Desam where the KaNNan stays (who had torn open the horse asuran- 

8. My girl went to ThirukkaNNapuram seeing the way in which the Bhagawathas 
(Your servants) perform their anjali at You and get saved at this sthalam. 
Is it right on YOUR PART to steal her golden complexion and make it pale 
with such suffering?

9.  The teeth are also not completely formed (so young she is); (see the 6th 
pAsuram) the hair is not even long enough to tie.. She is not even old 
enough to have got any feminine beauty to attract her lover (whom she is 
desirous of). What can I do now? Others will think and look at me- as the 
mother who had such a daughter who pays obeisance to the piLLai (son) of 

10. This is ten is on my Swami of ThirukkaNNapuram. It is sung by the chief 
of Thirumangai- Parakalan. Those who read this most beautiful, well worded 
Tamil pAsurams, will be blessed with: living a long life at ThirukkaNNapuram 
listening to this crystal clear Thirumozhi. (means: At parampadham one does 
not have ThirukkaNNapuram. So, here only, listen to it..)

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam
Narayana Narayana
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