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Re: Chronology of Hindu Literatures
Date: Thu Feb 17 2000 - 21:45:15 PST

Dear Ms.Lakshmi Srinivas,

I fully accept your view that every tenet has to be validated with reasoning.

I am also clear that most of indian philosophers have adopted
logic , discussion and inference to arrive at  any conclusion.

while i talked about "macualy mindedness", i did not say that we have get away
from reasoning.
i was only lamemting on many of the present scholors(?) for whom even the
civilization before indus valley cicilization was

This story was actually sowed by handful of westerners  with an ulterior motive.

I am sure you would agree with me the level of feeling one could get  after
reaing Pandit(?) Nehru's discovery of india where he says that
"the very  "story" of Ramayana is nothing but story of aryan invasion of  india.

then what about the 4 vedas which were prevelent even before avatar of Sri.Rama?

I was only asking our members to be cautions about  these self proclaimed
historians who  have "Discovered" india.


Best Regards

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