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Re:Gita slokha

From: bindinganavale suresh (
Date: Fri Feb 18 2000 - 05:30:36 PST

Respected members,
   This is regarding Gita slokha in 3rd chapter.
Sriman Chandrasekaran said:

I have a doubt in the purport of the following verse
in the 3rd chapter

 >>>   tAn akr~thsna vidhO mandhAn kr~thsnavin na
vichAlayEth ||

The main essence of this slokha is to highlight the

1. The Gap between an Individual's desire and his
present qualification to attain the object of his
   This means that a person might get a theoritical
knowledge about the atman,which transcends the three
gunas of prakriti,i.e satvva,rajas and tamas and he
may desire to attain that status immediatley but he
might not have the requisite control over his senses
and vairagya over objects other than the self and
these short comings form the vacuum or gap mentioned
In the gita,there are many places where Sri Krishna
has pointed to this attitude common in any seeker in
early stages.
2.The fact that there are wise men who have
the gunas of prakriti and living among us whom we have
to identify and learn from them.

3. The Responsibility on the part of the realised
person to lead a seeker looking upto him to the truth
by setting an example rather than by force.
 Sri.Krishna elaborates this point when he speaks
about his avatara rahasya in the 4th chapter.  

4. The fact that the seeker in the early stages of
karma yoga will surely reach the state of a gnana yogi
in his future.

In short this slokha brings out the correct procedure
to be followed by realized souls to uplift other bound
souls from samsara as a responsibility and not as a
advise or license given by the lord to reject them.

Sri krishnaarpanamasthu
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