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Kulashekara Azhwar Tirunakshatram

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Date: Thu Feb 17 2000 - 10:35:14 PST


SrimatE Gopaladesika MahadesikAya Namaha,

KumbhE Punarvasubhavam KeraLE ChoLa PattaNE
KaustubhAmsham DharAdheesham KulashekaramAshrayE

Dear Bhaktas,

For the occassion of the Tirunakshatram of Sri Kulashekara Azhwar, Adiyen is 
posting a summary of the verses from the ninth decad of
Perumal Tirumozhi. The summary is based on the work of U.Ve. Dr. A 
Ananthanarasimhachar Swamin, Srikaryam Swami, Srimad
Poundarikapuram Ashramam.

In this decad, the Azhwar dons the role of Dasharatha and brings out his 
pangs of separation from Lord Rama, when he was banished to the
forest. Kulashekara Azhwar was an Amsham of the Kaustubha gem adorning the 
Lord's chest in Sri Vaikuntam. As a result, he could offer
uninterrupted worship to the Lord in
Parama Padam. However, such an opportunity is not there in this world (where 
the Lord is in his Leela Vibhuti). Dasharatha and Devaki, though
born at a time when the Lord had incarnated in his Vibhava form,
had to experience separation from the Lord. The Azhwar feels he is no 
different since he was not born at the
time when the Lord came to this earth. This decad brings out the grief of 
Dasharatha with consummate effect. It is helpful to note that the
Azhwar's Abhimana Daivam was Lord Rama. Hence, any thought of
separation from Lord Rama causes unbearable agony.

1. Oh my Rama! Oh! my virtuous son! you were ready for coronation with 
people of decorated Ayodhya praising you and saluting your feet,
which provide protection to those who have surrendered, with their head 
bent. You were ready to sit on the throne; at that time by listening to
the words of your step mother Kaikeyi asking you to go to the dense forests, 
not treaded by anyone, see how I made you rule this earth
very well! (This is extremely satirical).

2. After hearing harsh words from my cruel mouth, the people of Ayodhya who 
could not bear separation from you, even without your
expectations, quickly gave up victorious and huge mountain-like elephants; 
gave up their chariots; gave up their horses; and instead desired to
go to the forest with an undiminishing
look of sadness like a spear smeared with oil. With broad eyed Seetha 
wearing costly ornaments and Lakshmana following you, how did you
Oh my Rama! Oh my Lord! What can I do?

3.  Oh! one with broad and black eyes and eyebrows resembling a war-sword; 
oh! one who is the first in the family of Kausalya; oh!
one holding a bent bow; oh1 one with shoulders robust like a hill; you have 
learnt the method of softening the mind of persons like me who has
done great sins. Oh! my son resembling a blue jewel; oh! one born in the 
family of Kakusta; you have been so far sleeping on a soft bed.
Have you learnt to sleep on stones in the shade of trees in the thick 

4. I was asking you to come and then asked you to go. Sometimes I would tell 
you to see me atleast once. Oh one with hair decorated with
flowers! Oh one with a flexible arm like bamboo; oh! one who broke the bow 
of Lord Shiva (to win the hand of Seetha); Oh my son who brings
compassion even in the heart of a sinner like me; today as you go into the 
dense forests treaded by elephants, my heart has not broken into
two pieces, instead it has remained firm!

5. With blood coming out of your soft feet as a result of walking on stones 
as sharp as swords held by enemies; with heat of the sun felt from
above;with pains of hunger troubling; yet oh! son of this great sinner, 
today you went willingly to the forest where no one would like to
go. I listened without any reaction to the words of the wicked daughter of 
the king of Kekaya (Kaikeyi). Alas! what shall I do.

6. I could not hear your uttering Oh Father! with affection and regard; I 
could not embrace you with your chest full of ornaments sticking to
mine; I could not kiss you; I could not smell the top of your head; I could 
not see your majestic gait resembling that of a big elephant
nor your lotus-like face; Oh my Lord! even after losing my son like water 
flowing out  (in a stream), I am alive.

7. The hair which once was decorated with ever fresh flowers is now an ugly 
twisted one; the waist which once wore beautiful apparels,
now wears cloths made out of wood-fibres fit only for an exhibition (not for 
wearing); due to the absence of ornaments, the limbs have
changed their complexion; in this way, my son with strong shoulders has 
entered the forest which I should have entered at this stage of my
life. Oh sageswith profound knowledge of the Vedas! Please tell me is this 
correct? Oh Sumanta, Oh Vasishta, you please tell me.

8. Kaikeyi! by sending to the forest my eldest son studying great Vedas 
under eminent teachers, his brother (Lakshmana) and my
daughter-in-law with a soft body like a flower and with a slender waist 
beyond comparison even with lightning and soft natured
(Seetha); by creating a situation whereby the son whom you delivered will be 
charged as "a traitor to his brother"; also making me to go
to the great heavens, what did you gain? Are you happy to live in this great 

9. Once you took the bow of Parasurama and through that destroyed the power 
of his penance. You set aside the considerations of yourself,
your prestige and the agony of your mother, to establish my greatness and my 
promise and entered the forest. Ob my emperor with long
shoulders! I would like to have you as my son even if I have to take seven 

10. Oh King amongst the Kings of  the Manu dynasty! Bringing sadness to 
Kausalya and Sumitra who have their hairs decorated with full
bloomed fragrant flowers; accepting with respect the words of heartless 
Kaikeyi who in turn was advised by the cruel hunch-backed
servant; you have now gleefully chosen to live in the forest. I also would 
like to reject the decorated town rejected by you and to heaven
with pleasure.

11. King Dasharatha with broad and raised shoulders wearing garlands, unable 
to bear separation, lamented when the Lord, blue in
colour and with infinite qualities born as Rama entered the forests. These 
high quality Tamil songs describing the anguish of Dasharatha
was composed by Kulashekara Azhwar, king of Uraiyur, expert in using sharp 
spears, enjoying the honour of a white umbrella. Those
who recite these songs will not be attracted towards worldly things.

Namo Narayana,

SriMuralidhara Dasan
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