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Mumookshapadi -Thirumantra Prakaranam Part-XIII
Date: Thu Feb 17 2000 - 02:18:15 PST

Sri Venkata Gurave Nama:
Srimathe Ramanujaya Nama:

Respected members of Bakthi List,

In the last post, while explaining the meaning of word "NarayanAya" and "Nama:",
there was a
question raised that if the term "Nama:" means that one is not for "oneself" and
indeed a seshi or a servant of Lord, then how correct is that
one can seek  for "Kaimkaryam" for 'himself'  from the Lord?

Swami Pillai Lokachar explains that how it is correct for a person to pray for
Kaimkaryam quoting Alwar's Pasurams.


1. Like Kulasekara Alwar prays that "I be a stairway(door step) in  Tirumala and
keep enjoying His coral like lips  for ever"

 alwar here  prays that he rather  be an achetana vastu ( a lifeless object) and
enjoy his beauty.
As the  basic nature of an Atma is to do service to Lord, it is not wrong to
pray this  kaimkaryam.

2. Nammalwar says that "We should do a blemish less kaimkaryam to Lord of seven
this anxiety to do a blemish less service is born not out of ahamkaram that "I
do a good service" type.
this is due to the svarupam of atma to do a "perfect" service to Lord born out
of Love.

3. Again Nammalwar says "for those who have once seen you, is there is any
he quotes the nitya soories who are always awake (sada pasyanthi).

for a realised person (who knows the nature of Atma and Lord)  who has not seen
him yet, he has no sleep till he attains Him
Further after such realisation,  he feels that all his days have been wasted
without knowing him.(Pazuthe pala pagalaum poyina)
After Attaining him, he is overwhelmed by His beauty and His nature and never
closes his eyes(sada pasyanthi),
again there is no sleep for him.

3. Thirumazhisai alwar says, till such time I did not realise him, I was not
born, after realising him, I will not  'forget' this relationship.
For realised souls, there is no sleep as  they are focussed on attaining Him and
after attaining Him, they are focussed on Service..

hence servitude would be prayed for by an Atma in all times, in all nations and
in all situations.

We sum up the meaning of Thirumantram.

Thirumantram revisited

Thirumangalya sutra, (adorned by women after marriage),   has 16 layers of
cotton and in two parts.
Similarly, for Srivasihnavas Thirumantram has eight letters and three words. OM,

hence for all atmas the lord is our pathi who owns us  and hence protects us.

Hence from Thirumantram one understand that

1.I am Lord's servant and wholly owned by him
2. He is a protector and creator this universe
3. I pray Him for doing all sorts of Kaimkaryam(service) to Him who is in
everything we see and who is the cause of everything.

With this Thirumantra Prakaranam of Mumookshapadi is complete.

Sri Pillai Lokachar thiruvadigale Saranam.




Respected members,

One of the major component of Mumookshapadi is complete with  13 posts.

Many at times I was  overwhelmed by beauty of the  original, hence written
elaborately on some topics.

I request you to kindly guide me and advice if the pattern is OK.

I am planning to relocate out of Calcutta in coming weeks. I will start series
on "Dvaya Prakaranam" from March 2000.

I am extremely thankful to our member  Dr.T.A.S Viajayaraghavan swami of XLRI
who sent

me jeeyar's vyakyanam on this work as soon as I started the series.
But for his help, I  could not imagine how can one finish writing on

I once again thank the Peria Piratti who enabled me to be in association of
Baghavatas like you.



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