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Re:Human cloning

From: Venkat Nagarajan (
Date: Thu Feb 17 2000 - 10:01:47 PST

Dear Bhagavatas,

I strongly disagree with Sri. Sreekrishna's claim that Sri. Sampath's
questions, on human cloning, are thought provoking.  Note this is not to
be taken as a personal attack; it is just in this particular instance Sri.
Sampath's post and the follow up by Sri. Sreekrishna are both

How can the questions be thought provoking when there is no
supporting analysis to justify the questions?  Further, as already stated,
neither Sri. Sampath nor Sreekrishna have identified any key elements of
Vis'istAdvaita philosophy that have been contradicted by human cloning.
Moreover, the notion of a perfect clone is quite tenuous.  Even if we
restrict ourselves to gross matter, perfection cannot be established in a
formal sense. 

Some key Facts to note:

1.  Reconciliation between the empirical/Logical Positivist paradigm and
the metaphysical paradigm of Vedanta is not possible.  They differ
drastically; I have already provided details on this matter earlier (I can
elaborate in a personal e-mail, if someone wants to discuss the matter

2.  The Vedanta philosophy must be treated with great respect (all of the
three interpretations); they are idealistic and profound and cannot be
approached in a perfunctory manner.  You may ask what is my
justification of the use of the term perfunctory;  I will preempt such a
query by providing the justification explicitly

- I do not see any reference to the distinction between gross and subtle
manner in Sri. Sampath's original post, or in Sri. Sreekrishna's follow up. 
The indriyas and the manas are infinitesimal (immeasurably small) and as
such cannot be cloned.  Thus, according to Vis'istAdvaita metaphysics
the notion of a perfect cloning is nonsensical.  Moreover, the notion of
perfect cloning is tenuous, even if we limit ourselves to gross matter.

-Given that the notion of perfect cloning is nonsensical, the responses to
all questions which are based on a premise that perfect cloning is
possible are also rendered meaningless.

My opinion (please note this is not a decree it is my opinion) :

There is nothing wrong in questioning or disagreeing with elements of
Vis'istAdvaita philosophy, if one has an inclination for eclecticism (making
decisions on what seems to be best instead of following a single rational
doctrine.).  However, one should be careful to explicate the fact that his
or her exposition is a product of his or her inclination for eclecticism and
may not be in accordance with orthodox Vis'istAdvaita Metaphysics. 
ramanuja dasan,