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Srivilliputtur Thirukovil Mahasamprokshanam-2 10 feb 2000

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Date: Wed Feb 16 2000 - 10:20:14 PST

    Sri Godha SamEtha Sri RajagopalaSwamine Nama:
Sri Bhu Nila SamEtha Sri Vadamahadamaswamine Nama:
Sri Vishnuchitta Swamine Nama:

On the Samprokshanam day the Ghosti at
the Andal Thirukovil started at 4 am.For viewing the samprokshanam from a close distance different Special passes were issued for the Andal and the Vatapatrasayi Thirukovils.One could use only one pass as 
the entries to the two different entrances were sealed at the same time.So one had to view both the samprokshanams from the same place.The Special pass entrance(for the andal thirukovil samprokshanam) led one to the large rectangular rooftop of the Andal thirukovil.Even by around 7;20 am there were a few thousand already there.Many moved around for quite sometime to catch vantage points at the foot of the vimanam so as to see the golden thiruppavai vimanam clearly.There was a wooden structure built around the vimanam with a ladder leading to it,so there were only a few points from where the vimanam could be seen clearly.At around 8:05 am H.H. Sri Vamamamalai Jeeyar Swamigal climbed the ladder and reached the wooden platform sorrounding the Vimanam.A few minutes later H.H.Srimad Azhagiya Singar Swamigal came and reached the platform at
the top sorrounding the Vimanam.Around 8:20
am Sri Ramasubramania Rajah,President of the Thiruppani committee followed.The Bhattars were already there.By around 8:25 am everything was ready.The priest tied a garland around the Vimanam and performed the Mahasankalpam?.Everyone was eagerly waiting for the auspicious time 8:45 to arrive.
It seemed a long time really! 8:45 am and the green flag was waved, and amidst the chanting of Om Namo Narayana by the devotees the kumbhabhishekam was performed.Adiyen was very fortunate to witness this once in a Lifetime opportunity of the priest pouring the Kumbha Jalam on the golden Thiruppavai Vimanam of the Nachiar Thirumalaigai and was even more blessed to feel a few drops of the Kumbha jalam fall on my head and some collect on my cupped hand which i sipped later amidst all the rush.After some movement of people here and there everyone realized there was another Samprokshanam at around 9:55 am of the Perumal Kovil.Around 6000-7000 people were at the Thirukovil rooftop and it was estimated that around 2 lakh people had gathered at Srivilliputtur to witness the Samprokshanam. The The Perumal kovil Vimanam was at a distance and one could only see the movement of priests over the wooden platform .A similar procedure and the Samprokshanam for the perumal kovil was done right!
 at 9:55 am.Now there was a mad rush to get down and multiple exit points were opened and regulated so the anxious devotees could come down. Almost all of them headed for the Andal kovil only to find the sannidhi locked

         3:00 pm-Iyal Sattumurai.The Iyal Sattumurai was at Perumal kovil (Vadapatrasayi kovil).A large number of Bhagavathas came and the the number exceeded 400 for the ghosti.With a large number of Bhagavathas crammed into a small space it was very hot inside.In spite of the heavy sweating inside many members chanted the divya sookthis with great vigor.It was also very nice to see a couple of young 10 year old boys  chant the verses very well.The Iyal sattumurai was for around 2.5 hrs and finished around 5:30 pm.The Sattumurai at the Andal Thirukovil was at 8:00 pm and the ghosti was less in number.The sattumurai was  upto around 9:30 pm.Heralding the successful completion of the samprokshanam there was a heavy shower between 6:30 pm to 9:00pm.One saw that there was no rain during the intervening days and the showers arrived after the samprokshanam and before the start of the Yagasalai Program.One was afraid whether the garuda sevai would be held on that day as the streets !
were covered with puddles of water everywhere.

                 Inside the Nachiyar Thirumaligai preparations were going on for the Garuda sevai and the Utsavars were being decorated.The preparations took a long time and it was around 1:45 am past midnight when the alangarms were over.After the Ghosti ,Periyazhwar in Chinna Hamsa Vahanam come out to the thirukkalayana mandapam and turned around to face the perumals.Next periaperumal in Garuda Vahanam came in front of Periyazhwar and the Karpooraarathi was shown.Periyaperumal then turned into the Mada theru.Then Sri Rangamannar came in Garuda Vahanam and Sri Andal came in Periyahamsa Vahanam.By the time all the perumals and periyazhwar turned into the Mada street and the purappadu was ready to start it was already 2:40 am...It must have probably taken around 
4:30 am for the Garuda sevai to finish

Sendalangara dasan
Venkat s iyengar

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