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some questions.

From: bindinganavale suresh (
Date: Wed Feb 16 2000 - 02:52:18 PST

Dear bhagavathas,
                 I have some questions,which i feel
will be benificial to understand some aspects of
visishtaadvaita vedanta.I request our learned members
to share their knowledge regarding the same.
1.What are the shastra pramanas or proofs regarding
classification of gnana as Dharmi or svarupa gnana
and Dharma-bhuta or attributive consciousness with 
respect to jiva and isvara according to
visishtaadvaita vedanta view.

2.What is the place or role of Dharmi or svarupa gnana
and Dharma-bhuta gnana in self-knowledge or
atmaavalokana,bhakti and prappati?.

3.Is avidya(Ignorance) and karma one and the same or
is the latter a product of the former or
vice-versa?.It is also told that karma or avidya is
anaadi or beginingless.Is there any shastra pramanas
for this and where?. 

4.Samsara is said to be a result of contraction of
Dharma-bhuta gnana and the opposite implies release.
Now should contraction and expansion of gnana be taken
in the literal sense or what exactly is the mode of
contraction and expansion of gnana by karma w.r.t jiva

sri krishnaarpanamasthu

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