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Re: Chronology of Hindu literatures
Date: Tue Feb 15 2000 - 03:09:49 PST

Respected members of bakthi list,

I was away from my desk and hence could not participate in some of the lively
discusssions taking place in our

 there are many posts on date of mahabarata, life span of alwan etc.

while i agree that it is worth to discuss these issues to get clarity, it should
also be remembered that we have to be cautious on "maculay educated" indians who
were taught history based on those  written by handful of britishers with only
evident findings and some times with evil intentions.

For westerners, the philosophy and religion  came from greece and not from
India. Indian religion and philosphy were disregarded as "aboriginol practices".
Aryan invasion theroy is also under this category.

 i strongly suggest to our members not to get in to trap of "maculay mindedness"
asking  proof of everything right from age of alwars to dating of mahabaratha.

lot of books have been written on time of ramayana/mahabaratha.

further quoting  average life span to prove or atleast to create an alternative
opinion on life of Kurattalwan  sounds to me little absurd.

may be sampath is not taking cognisance  of  our elders  in recent past who
lived more than 100 years.


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