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Srivilliputtur Thirukovil Mahasamprokshanam-1 Introduction

From: venkat iyengar (
Date: Mon Feb 14 2000 - 23:34:16 PST

Sri Godha Sametha Sri RajagopalaSwamine Nama:
Sri Bhu Nila Sametha Sri VadamahadamaSwamine Nama:
Sri Vishnuchitta Swamine Nama:

The Mahasamprokshanam of the famous Sri
Vatapatrasayi and Sri Andal Thirukovils was celebrated at Srivilliputtur on the 10th of february 2000 amongst the presence of many
Pontiffs of SriVaishnava mutts and lakhs of
devotees in a Grand manner befitting our Sarva loka Nayaki Sri Andal.This samprokshanam had two special features.One-It was for the first time that the samprokshnam for the two temples was being performed on the same day.Two-Last time in 1947 only samprokshanam for the perumal kovil was done Thiruppani was not done.Thus the thiruppani for the perumal kovil was done after many years.Many Yathis,Vidwans and Upasakars from different kshetrams came to Nachiyar Thirumaaligai on this auspicious occasion

Some of the Pontiffs who
graced the Occassion were

1.H.H.Sri Vanamamalai Ramanuja Jeeyar
2.H.H. Srimad Azhagiya Singar Swamigal
3.H.H. Sri Tridandi Srimannarayana Ramanuja
Chinna jeeyar Swamigal.
4.H.H.Kanchipuram Sri Azhagiya Manavala jeeyar Swamigal.

The Divine presence for this auspicious occassion was felt right at the start before
the Yagasalai Programmes(starting from 6th feb) with heavy rains
drenching the town.Massive Arches were
erected on all entry points to Srivilliputtur
to welcome the devotees.Loud speakers were
attached at different spots along the ratha Veedhis and the discourses from the Upanyasams were broadcast.Apart from this 
Thiruppalandu and Thiruppavai were broadcast in the mornings and in  the intervening
periods.With a lot of bhagavathas moving around the atmosphere was like Thirumalai/Srirangam for those 5 days.There were stalls erected on the andal sannidhi theru and gopura theru selling various items.There was a very big pandhal on the entrance of the Andal Thirukovil from the sannidhi theru side where the discourses were held .Just inside the Ahobila mutt there was a display of Spiritual books on Srivaishnavism.(Many books from the Vishitadwaita research centre were available)The kalai nigatchis /yagasalai
programs were shown on the local cable network so one could watch the programs while comming home for rest.There was heavy
police bandobust for the occasion.There were also reports of some people being arrested for 
carrying Bombs.There have been such reports
earlier few years ago when i was staying there.I feel these matters have to be addressed seriously.There were checks at all
entry points and the devotees were made to follow a single queue to the Yagasalai mandapam and exit from the temple.Passes were issued for different categories to provide
direct access for those people who had to attend to specific duties/programmes.At the yagasalai there were around 25 homakundams at the Nachiar Thirukovil and around 45 homakundams at the vatapatrasayi 
thirukovil.Around 75 priests asssisted the chief bhattachariar in performing the homams.
            There was a Ghosti of around 400
Bhagavathas for the prabhandam sevai for the thirukovils which included many Bhagavathas from different divya kshetrams
like thiruvallikkeni,thirumaalirumsolai,thirukoshtiyur,Vanamamalai,Kanchipuram etc.On 9th feb there was a wonderful Sevai of Sri Andal and
Mannar in Sayanam at the yagalai. .Adiyen was very fortunate in the midst of more than 250 ghostikarars(only some could enter the yagasalai for dharisanam)  to get the chance to enter the yagasalai and have a brief dharisanam of Andal and Mannar with karpoorarathi being shown.Both Andal and Mannar were in sayanam side by side on a soft meddhai with a porvai covering their thirupadam and part of their thirumeni.While thiruvaimozhi was being 
recited the Senior Arayar Swamigal was brought to the yagasali in a Narkali by some bhagavathas(Swamigal is very old and has extreme difficulty in moving his limbs) and swamigal graced the ghosti briefly.Two Bhagavathas nearby chanted the prabhandam verse which was being recited  into Swamiji's ears and Arayar Swami picked 
up the line and chanted the remaining part of the verse

will continue....

Setaloor Sendalangara dasan
Venkat S Iyengar

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