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Bhagavadgita- Sri Ramanuja Bhasya Tapes

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Sat Feb 12 2000 - 23:33:43 PST

Dear friends,

Couple of my close friends indicated to me that they like to buy Gita 
bhasya cassettes which adiyen is making during the class I teach.  We have 
12 of them ready (professionaly copied and reproduced).  This covers 
chapters from 1-6.  If you need them :

 Please mail the check of $52 payable to SMSA Inc. to the following 

> Srivaishnava Seva Samithi
> c/o Nagu Satyan
> 7821 West Alder Drive
> Littleton, CO 80128-5522

Please do let me know by email - that you sent the check and your surface 
address to mail to . $52 is for 12 cassettes.  It includes shipping within 
USA.  The cassettes will be mailed to you ASAP.   This amounts to roughly 
$4 per cassette including shipping.  Just indicate your address and send a 
cheque.  We will mail you the cassettes.  shipping is included in this 
price for any shipment in domestic USA.

thanking you,

Krishna Kalale

thanking you,

Krishna Kalale