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Re: Chronology

From: vchandra (
Date: Thu Feb 10 2000 - 23:43:03 PST

Dear members,
   Sorry, if I am elongating this rather unrelated thread of discussion more than prescribed for this list.
   This is in accordance with Sri Venkat Nagarajan's mail on this topic. I too tend to believe that the life span of people mentioned in itihasas could well be fully true. We have ample examples in its support even in the recent periods. There are instances like that of Sri Sadhasiva Brahmendra whose lifespan nobody knew exactly because he lived over many centuries (supposedly more than 3 centuries). He attained samadhi as early as 17th or 18th century. There are other instances of some yogis in the recent days whose lifespan also nobody knows. When we say nobody knows the saint's lifespan we mean that it is because men came and men left, but the saint lived to see all of them live and die. So nobody lived so long to authenticate his lifespan. I have also heard that there are/were some Tibetan monks who lived for more than 6 centuries in their closed quarters, in the recent times. As Sri Mani put it, living long years could have been very well under the control of the saints. !
As a corollary, there were yogis, quite interesting, whose only food was air. There are so many extraordinary, amazing and exceptional facts about mysticism of our saints, related to which experts like Sri Anbil have some time back posted.