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Periya Thirumozhi 8.1- "MaivaLarkkum maNi -KaNNapuratthammaamani kaNdaaLO?"

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Thu Feb 10 2000 - 03:39:20 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

ThirumangaiAzhwAr, enjoys seeing the Divya mangaLa vigraham of 
ThirukkaNNapuram Sowri rAja PerumAL now longs for seeing Him. He gets into 
nAyikA bhAvam, and the "mother" laments at her condition.

1. My girl says "the Divine bow, the sharp sword, the lustrous chakrA etc".. 
She also exclaims "oh what lovely broad huge mountain like shoulders of that 
Emperumaan! Look at them; so wonderful.". Due to her separation from Him, 
her tender breasts have become pale, and one can guess her languishing. 
Perhaps, she had gone and paid obeisance to that ThirukkaNNapuram PerumAN. 
That's why she has gone astray like this. (means: if one sees Him, he has to 
go mad after Him.. udal enakku urgumaalO? en seygEn..)

2.  My girl says "In His Hand, the sword that finished the enemies, is 
there". On the Other Hand, the divine strong chakrA that destroyed the 
mounatins that were flying with their feathers with an intent to destroy the 
earth.. "(during upEndran avtaar). She addresses Him saying "the 
unparalleled Peerless SwamI!" She must have seen that dark hued mountain 
like huge, sowlabhyan, KaNNapuramangai PerumAn.

3. She says "Oh that thuLasi is so gorgeous on His diamond, gem laden 
Crown..."and exclaims, "those ear studs, makara kuNdalams are so bright and 
shed lustre with their stones..". "Oh those necklace and that garland on the 
divine chest adorning His ThirumEni... (aiyO! ivan azhagenna azhiyaa 
azhagudaiyaan).. She should have gone and seen Emperumaan of 

4. She says that Emperumaan has that divine strong chest, which is so huge 
and mountain like where the bees hum and loiter due to those thuLasi 
maalai's presence there.. She also says "He is my Swami, who rode on 
garudan, and is the one who plucked the tusk of Kuvalayaapeetam elephant.". 
"Oh folks, those who talk so nice to me, for my good! Look at His tender, 
red coral like beautiful mouth.." She must have seen the dark cloud like 
ThirukkaNNapuram PerumAn.

5.  She says "Peruman's Lotus Feet are so graceful and sweet; His long, 
lovely limbs, the Lotus like Thirumugam, the golden ornaments on Him, will 
never ever go away from my mind..". Also, she says "Periya PiraaTTi, who has 
darting, sharp, long, dark, large, well spread, black eyes, reside in His 
large divine chest..". It appears she must have surely seen ThirukkaNNapuram 

6. She says, "He has 1000 divine names; He is Greatest Lord; PeriyOn... 
PeraruLaaLan.." He has shining, beautiful makara kuNadalams; He has eight 
shoulders; He stand like rainy, dark clouds; and also like tall, 
anjanamalai.. " She must have surely seen ThirukkaNNapuram PerumAL.

7. My girl says "He has red Peethaambaram (Thiruppariattam); Also there is 
gold hued strands on the Peethaambaram. Those lovely sweet two Feet, two 
Hands are the red lotus flowers; She asks "Is His ThirumEni, MaragathamaNi? 
(Emerald stone?), Is He blue Hued maNi?" She must have certainly seen 
ThirukkaNNapuram PerumAN.

8.  My girl says " My master- My Swami - rides on GarudA; (which is always 
victorious). He is the chief of even the most voctoruos Indran". She asks 
"Will we not be saved, if we get (blessed to be) hugged and embraced by Him 
to His Divine Chest? She must have seen ThirukkaNNapuram PerumAn.

9. My girl says "The ThuLasi on His Head spreads fragrance everywhere; I am 
craving for Him; my desire has been exponentially increasing; I will never 
be able to even breathe (live)  without Him; When did I see Him and at which 
Divya Desam?" I don' know." ThirukkaNNapuram Sowriraja PerumAn is great 
looking and is so gorgeously beautiful. She must have definitely seen Him 

10. This ten is on the deer eyed girl, talking about her enjoying and seeing 
to her heart's content of that Accharya bhUthan ThirukkaNNa puram SowrirAja 
PerumAL, and those who read this faultless, ten sung by Kaliyan in chaste 
Tamil, will be celebrated and praised by everyone at Paramapadham.

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam


Narayana Narayana
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