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Date: Wed Feb 09 2000 - 06:24:09 PST

Due to the breakdown of the modem in my PC, I could not post the promised 
articles on "Pancha Sthavam". Still, it has not been fixed. So, I could not 
reply to a spate of queries received on this and other topics.

I am sending this through another's PC as a "guest". Please await further 
postings when my PC gets fixed. Thank you for your patience in the meantime..
Anbil Ramaswamy
KshOdheeyAnapi dushTa buddhirapi nisnEhOpi aneehOpi thE
Keerthim dEvi  lihan aham na cha bibEmi ajgnyO na jihEmi cha /
DushyEth sA thu na thAvathA na hi sunA leeDApi bhAgeerathe
DushyEth svA api na lajjathE na cha bibEthi aarthisthu sAmyEth suna://
(Sristhavam SlOkam 5)

"Oh! Periya PirAtti!
Though I am ignorant (agjna:), base (kshOdheeyAn), vile (dushTa buddhi) 
belligerent (nissnEha), indifferent (aneeha:), I am not afraid (na bibEmi) 
nor am I ashamed (na jihrEmi) to enjoy applauding you. 

Your glory is so great  that it will not be demeaned or diminished (na 
dushyEth) by my panegyric in spite of all my above failings (thAvathA). 

Does the sanctity of Ganga  get polluted by this licking (leeDapi) of the 
dog? The dog (sunA) that licks the holy Ganga waters also does not feel any 
fear (na bibEthi) nor any shame (na lajjathE) in doing so? At the same time, 
the waters of Ganga do not fail to slake its thirst" 

Can the AchArya compare himself to a dog? 

In this, he only follows the precedent set by the AzhwArs who in spite of 
their holiness assume such lowliness on themselves. By no stretch of 
imagination could we consider this as a reflection on them. 

This only shows their "naichyAnusanthAnam", their feeling of (aakinchanyam) 
helplessness and their  "kArpaNyam"- that which invokes the "kripa" or mercy 
of the Lord - one of the important angas required for Prapatti. 

Tirumazhisai Azhwar also equates himself to a lowly dog when he says 
"nAyinEn nAn seitha kutram natramAghavE koLL gnAla nAthanE" 

Cf also "nAyEn vandaDainthEn", "aDi nAyen" etc. 

Swami Desika in "SaraNAgathi Deepika" SlOkam 42 employs the exact analogy of 
the dog drinking the holy Ganga waters when he says :
dushyEth kimangri thaTinee thava dEva sEvyA 
durvAratharsha chapalEna sunAvaleeDA // 

Statements such as the following must have weighed with AzhwAn in expressing 
these sentiments -
* YEpi syuh pApa yOnaya: ku yOnishvapi sanjAtha:/
Hari: harathi pApAni dushTa chithairapi smrutha://
Meaning:  Even though one is born out of the womb of a sinner or such other 
despicable one, or is one of wicked disposition, Hari removes all sins, once 
one  thinks of Him

* AniichchyApi samsprushTO dahathyEva pAvaka:/
SAnkhEthyam pArihAsyam vA sthObham hELanamEva vA/
VaikunTa nAma grahaNam asEsha agha vinAsanam//
Meaning:  Fire is sure to burn even when touched unintentionally.  Similarly, 
whether one utters the name of Sri VaikunTanAtha, obliquely, or in jest or 
even in disrespect, He destroys all of one's sins without any trace.