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Chronology of Hindu literatures

From: vchandra (
Date: Wed Feb 09 2000 - 01:31:00 PST

Dear members,
    This is a slight deviation from the objective of this mailing list.
    Months ago I read in a western magazine, National Geographic, about World culture and society in which various major cultural/religious masterpieces were listed. In that, I found to my surprise that the magazine had got the date of Mahabharatha way incorrect. As per the magazine, "the world's longest epic was completed 1000 years ago..." .
    Does anyone know if Indian archaelogists, atleast, are in the know of exact dates of the epics and vedic literatures? I am also curious to know if any of the original works of the great sages of the bygone eons, are intact in some archives - I know that's too much to expect.

    Not that we should worry too much about this. It's a surprise! But one has to expect these kind of misjudgements on the cultures that is as old as ours!