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Fwd: Re: Life of Kuresan

From: sampath kumar (
Date: Tue Feb 08 2000 - 22:15:51 PST

> --- wrote:
> > Many thanks to Sri. Bharat and Sri. Sampathkumar
> for> > their responses> > believe that ramanujar
lived to be 120 years of> age,> > that he returned
> > from the Mysore country at age 100, etc.  Do we
> also> > believe that > > kurattazhwan lived to be
110+(?) years??
> Sir, Very good question! But adiyen hasn't got the
> foggiest idea as to what could have been Kuresan's
> real age. Adiyen would guess that according to what
> learned members like Sri.K.M.Narayanan and A.Bharat
> have told us after checking with their sources in
> the> 'guru-paramapara' records etc., Kuresan was
probably> anywhere between 120 and 135 years old!!
> Frankly adiyen does not know what to make of all
> this> since I have also read that, according to
estimates> of> demographers and census-experts, the
average> life-expectancy of people in India before the
19th> century was never more than 45-55 years.
> Sirs, please pardon me but adiyen is losing interest
> in this thread of discussion re: Kuresan's age. So
> kindly excuse me if I leave it here. But you may all
> please do continue with the discussions.
> Thanks,
> dAsan,
> Sampathkumaran
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