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Re: Re Life of Kuresan

From: sampath kumar (
Date: Mon Feb 07 2000 - 23:09:50 PST

--- "A.Bharat" <> wrote:
> Dear BhAgavatOttamas,
> The use of the word "son" throughout this passage is
> done by the author of that book who probably never
visualised a controversy such as this.Or maybe
> he also really thought Sri KUrattAzhvAn was younger
to Udaiyavar!

Dear Sri.Bharath,
Thanks for the piece of research! I guess
Sri.Alkondavalli and adiyen form a minority of two!
Adiyen is nevertheles in good company!

Anyway as I said in my post before, both for me and my
two children, it is of no central concern if Kuresan
was younger or older than Udaiyavar by a few odd
years! As a casual student of history I can tell you
there is still a controversy over whether Cleopatra
was older than Julius Ceasar or not! 

Footnotes do not change history. Kuresan life's a real
inspiration for me and my family, either way!

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