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Mumookshapadi -Thirumantra Prakaranam Part-XII
Date: Mon Feb 07 2000 - 01:08:49 PST

Srimathe Ramanujaya Nama:
Sri Venkata Gurave Nama:

Respected Members of the Bakthi List,

Till the  the previous posts on Thirumantra Prakaranam part of Mumookshapadi, we

   Importance of Thirumantram
   Meaning of Pranavam OM,
   Meaning of word Nama:

In this post, we are discussing the meaning of the word "NarayanAya"

This word consists of Narayana+Aya.
we can derive two meaning out of this:
a. Nara:+ayana..... Where all the Nara:'s resides.
b. Nara:+Ayanam+Yasya sa:, Narayana:, i.e. one who acts as a shelter for all the

what are these Nara:'s?

The word Nara: consists again of  two words. 'Nara' and 'ra'

consists of all  the permanent entities( Nitya vasthus)

ra consists of all matter which are subject to decay and destruction.

Nitya vasthus are(Nara), they are,

1.Lord's important six gunas(attributes) which helps one to understand him.
Gyana( Knowledge sakthi, Bhalam( strength aiswaryam( richness veeryam and tejas.

2. After understanding the Lord through above mentioned attributes, one comes
across his other
subtle attributes like vasthalyam,sausheelyam and swaminthvam(Lordship)
3. Bhagvan's thirumeni(His Body)
4. His Kanthi and Saukumaryam(beauty )
5. divya Bhushanam(Lord's ornaments)
6. Divya ayuthas(Lord's weaponry)
7.Periapiratti(Mahalakshmi),Bhudevi and Nila devi.
8. Nitya soories Like ananda(Holy serpent),Garuda and Visvaksena.
9. Things which are used for Kaimkarayam
10.Watch and ward of Sri Vaikuntam like Jaya, Vijaya, Kumudha, Kumudaksha,
Chanda-prasanda Badra and subhadra.
11. Ganathipas , head of all ghanas.
12. Sri Vaikuntam itself(Parama Akasam)

the above listed are permanent Nitya vasthus(Nara's)

Things which are subject to decay and destruction( ra are:
1. Prakriti-the world which consists of satva, raja and tamasic gunas.
2. Badda Atmas.
3. Time(day, year, month hour , etc..)
4. Mahat tatvam
5.planets which are innumerable
6. All devas, Man,animals ,flora and Fauna.

All the above mentioned Nara and ra(Nara: in totality) seek a shelter for itself
which is Narayana.
in can also be inferred that except for His kalyana gunas, He resides in
everything which is said above.

Note: the essence of Visistadvaita philosophy is clear from the above definition
of Narayana. the siddantham takes a
holistic approach towards entire universe which are as per sastras. On the
contrary, Advaita considers the existence of universe as a
mere imaginary and Maya.

By the meaning of word Narayana, it is clear that he is the primordial Lord.
Similarly we can also infer his saulabyam
(his humility to identify himself with everything in the world)

As he is resident in all the chetana(Living) and achetana(non living) entities,
he acts as an antharyamain of everything.

H remains our Bhanthu(relative) in all ways.

hence for an Atma, he remains as the One which is sought after(Upeyam) and He
remains the only way(Upayam)

Meaning of "Aya",
This meaning was already discussed in detail when we explained the meaning of
"Aya" represents the servitude( seshatvam nature of an Atma towards Lord.
the servitude is like Sri Lakshmana who told Sri.Rama when they prepare to go
for an  exile,"Aham sarvam karishyamai" i.e. I will do everything for you.

In the same vein, the Holy Serpent (Ananda) takes a form of umbrella when Lord
walks, seat(Simhasanam) wile the Lord is sitting
and as a mat while standing and as a Bed while reclining. It tries to serve the
lord in every possible way.

Hence a jeevan or Atma should pray for such a service for the Lord.

While discussing the meaning of the word Nama:, it was said that one should
leave the thought that one is for oneself( I am for myself, I am independent)
If that is so, how justified is that one can ask for kaimkaryam form Lord for

Swami answers this question saying that it is justified to pray for a role in

We will discuss that in the next post.



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