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Re: Life of Kuresan

From: sampath kumar (
Date: Fri Feb 04 2000 - 01:32:17 PST

--- wrote:
> there is no conflict on this issue.
> Alwan was of course elder to Sri.Ramanuja.> This is
as per Guruparamparai prabhavam and other> folk
> Sri.Sampath might have missed to  give this fact
> having overcome> by the vaibavam of Sri.Alwan.

Dear members,
Re: the above notes of Sri.Narayanan:
Adiyen is not a serious historian but in many parts of
the story of KuranAthan, one does indeed get the
distinct impression that he was younger than Ramanuja.

In the final conversation between 'sishya' and his
guru as it is reported in the "Bhagavathvishayam",
Kuresa does tell Ramanuja,"The order of precedence in
heaven is for the elders to welcome their younger
brothers there and usher them into the presence of
God. But this is out of order, for it is the younger
ones who should ascend heaven first and prepare to
welcome their elders. This is the order I wish to
preserve. Hence, O Holy Sire, I go to heaven in
advance and will welcome my Master when he arrives
there in good time."

To this Ramanuja is reported to have replied,"Dear
son, my beloved azhwAn, thou art my soul, how can I
part with thee? While I am yet here, son, how can you
be anxious for heaven?". (Page 2527 of Vol 5 of

In the above passages, Ramanuja clearly addresses
Kuresan as "son". And Kuresan too clearly talks of
younger brothers preceding "elders" to heaven.

Adiyen does not therefore believe that there is "no
conflict" of historical opinion on the actual age of

But the conflict of scholar-historians is of no
central concern to adiyen. The story of the "Life of
Kuresan", in adiyen's opinion, is equally ennobling to
the reader whether Kuresan was Ramanuja's elder or
junior by a few odd years.


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