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Periya Thirumozhi 7.10- KaNNA! Even You (have ThiruvuLLam) can learn this ten!!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Fri Feb 04 2000 - 01:11:12 PST

Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

ThirumangaiAzhwAr said in last ten "unadhu adiyE saraNAmE". Emperumaan sows 
Himself huge and grand to AzhwAr at ThirukkaNNamangai Divya Desam. Let us 
enjoy the excellent ten!!

1.( A lovely pAsuram!) I am blessed to have seen Him at ThirukkaNNamangi. 
The Lord, who is so sweet like just fully ripened fruit that can be bitten 
and eaten desirously; like the sweet tasty sugar cane juice; the essence and 
object of adiyEn's thoughts always; the ever youthful like just blossomed 
fresh flower; like a group of (beautiful) pearls; the life of BhAgawathAs; 
pleasing to the eyes of BhAgawathAs and appears like a garland of pearls; 
Sarvagnam, who grants fruits to thapasvis; the swathathra Purushan; like the 
faithful lady sincere to her husband, He is sincere and loving and caring to 
His devotees; (wow!); like huge Bull; like vast, deep, ocean which is beyond 
the Universe.

2. I am blessed to have seen Him at ThirukkaNNamangai; who is the vishayam 
and roopam of Bhati yOgam; who grants mOksham to bhakthAs (who do bhathi 
yOgam) and prapannas (who perform saraNAgathi at His Feet); who is 
incomprehensible and invisible for those who don't have faith in Him; dark 
hued, ocean like coloured One who has the Conch Shell in His Hand; the most 
wonderful Emperumaan reclining on the Banyan leaf; PeriyOn; Sarvaadhikan; 
who appears so sweet as if we have tasted Him yesterday; as if we taste Him 
pnow in the living present; ever tasty in future too; (never ever we get 
"bored" or thigattal with Him); Always tasty and sweet to enjoy him for 
days; months; and years together; like the sugar cane juice (so easily 
drinkable; no need to even bite; and strain ourselves).

3. SarvEshwaran- the One who gracefully blesses us with his grace, with his 
parama krupai;- who has given happily a part of His ThirumEni to Sivan (who 
has his better half Parvathi as his half... of the body) for his stay;- who 
is Good natured sweet Lord; the Sarvaadhikan of the sky where the cool large 
moon moves; the antharyaami of the Huge Sun; the Lord of ThiruvEmkatam; the 
One who is held on to by the desirous loving BhAgawathAs like us; the 
Nirvaahakan of the day and the night; Kaalanaathan; - Such Greatest 
Emperumaan- I am blessed to have seen Him at ThirukkaNNamangai.

4. the little One who sucked the life of the pEy Poothanai; the jyOthi who 
is praised and worshipped by (vedic) scholars; the Youth who stood in 
between the three AzhwArs in a corridor of ThirukkOvaloor; the One who is in 
the heart of brahmins; who appears like the lustrous jyOthi; Param jyOthi; 
My swami;  One who always keeps me think of Him; My wealth; the gold like 
beautiful Emperumaan; Rathnam (gem stone); the greatest Emperumaan- I am 
blessed to have seen Him by going to ThirukkaNNa mangai.

5. the Most strongest Lord; the greatest Emperumaan who killed kEsi asuran; 
the unparalled oppilla appan like the red copper; jyOthiswarUpI; the Divine 
Consort of Periya PiraaTTi; the ParamjyOthi; lusrous PerumAL like the red 
coral that sheds light everywhere; the nirvaahakan of the seven worlds; 
kaala naathan; the One who has ChakrA in His Hand; the Lord, praised by 
brahmins;- I am blessed to have seen Him at ThirukkaNNa mangai.

6. The most wonderful ParipoorNan, personification of enjoyment; the Father 
of four faced BrahmA, the chief of Devas; the Lord worshipped by Devas; the 
Naayakan (master and chief) aming the trio (brahma, sivan and vishnu); the 
form of lustre jyOthi swaroopan; the one who let the forehead eyed Sivan 
stay in His body; Narasingan; like the fire that is found under the deep 
sea(?) Sarva swAmI; - I am blessed to have seen him at ThirukkaNNa mangai.

7. The Most ferocious angry elephant like Beautiful Emperumaan; Swami, who 
threw the calf against the viLaampazha tree and killed the asurA (who had 
come in the form of calf to kill Boy KaNNan); the little Kutti KaNNan, who 
sucked the breast milk along with the life of Poothanai; the sweet nectar of 
the BhAgawathAs; the chief of everyone; the One who stays on the (fore)head 
of His devotees (as Oordhva puNdram-ThirumaN); the Fullest ParipoorNan; the 
One who finished Kamsan off; - I am blessed to have seen Him and enjoyed Him 
at ThirukkaNNamangai.

9. the Cute, Sweet Lord like the divine music; the peerless, unparalleled 
Emperumaan, who is sweet as the essence of that divine music; who is like 
the milk, and also like the ghee in that milk for our enjoyment; who is the 
Nirvaahakan of the vast great SrivaikuNtam; who has the shining lustrous 
ThirumEni which is the jyOthiswaroopam (like the kOti sooryars- thousand 
suns); who is the nirvaahakan of yaagmas; the Shining form like the jyOthi 
of the deepam; the support of the Universe; the unparalleled unshakable Only 
One like the Huge Mountain; the sarva sowlabhyan so easily accessible like 
the waters; who loves His devotees greatly; who grants jnAnam to His 
devotees; the eye of the brahmins; the One who stands at ThirukkaNNa mangai- 
to my heart's and eye's fullest satisfaction; - I am blessed to have seen 
Him at ThirukkaNNamangai.

10. This ten (which is sung in sweet chaste beautiful Tamil), grants its 
reciters to enjoy being with the Devas in heaven; Oh KaNNA! the One who has 
the great white Sanghu in Your Hand! who is Sarvagnan! If You have 
ThiruvuLLam, even You can learn. its great meanings (about You) is even good 
for You.  (Because it is about Your greatness, which You may not even be 
aware of.)

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam
Narayana Narayana

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