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Please take a leaf from your cheque book and sign off for............

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Thu Feb 03 2000 - 17:28:07 PST

Srimathe Gopaladesika Mahadesikaya Namah:

Dearest BhAghavathAs,

In 1978, when my father was deputed from Raliways to BHEL Trichy, we shifted 
to Srirangam from Madras. I was just 18 years old and was studying at BITS 
Pilani. Whenever I came home for vacation, I used to go with my grandfather 
to Sri Madhuranthakam Swami (who was staying at just ten houses away from 

Unfortunately, I was not having a proper maturity nor BhAgyam (as if I have 
now..?) to concentrate on the KaalakshEpam that my thatthaa was attending at 
Sri Madhurantakam Swami's residence. Swami looked extremely simple and was 
giving easy to understand concepts. In spite of my "not so concentrated 
efforts", I could still get some drilled into my head.

I did not even know Swami's greatness that time. I thought he was yet 
another "oldie". How unfortunate I was, to have missed him on all my 
vacations for five years. (He attained AchAryan Thiruvadi in 1983. ) My 
thaattha attained AchAryan Thiruvadi in 84.

At elast now, let us show our reverence and respects to this great 
Srivaishnava AchAryan Sri Madhranthakam Swami by paying little of what we 
can... a few dollars..

Please take a leaf from the cheque book and sign off in favour of SMSA Inc.. 
The Cenetneray celebration preparation is gaining momentum and is taking 
place at Srirangam end Feb. It is gpoing to be great Srivaishnava gathering.

We will give our little for Vidhvath sambhaavanani to those Srivaishnava 
BhAgawathAs gathering for sadhas, and PaaraayaNa gOshti..

Even One dollar can give rise to Rs 45.. Give until it hurts..


Narayana Narayana

P.S Given belwo is the post by Sri Vijayaraghavan in November on the 
greatness of Sri Madhuranthakam Swami for your enjoyment, reading and 
subsequently, siging off the cheque...

As most of you know, achAryAs occupy a unique place in our Sampradayam.  Our 
prAkritam Azhagiyasingar in his upanyasam once quoted Swami Desika and said 
“AchAryAth iha dEvatAm samadhikAm dhanyAn na manyAmahE”.  It is not possible 
for one to repay one’s achAryA’s upakArams.   They are in fact, EmperumAn 
Himself (PramAnam: sAkshAth nArAyanO deva: krutvA martya mayIm tanum,
magnAn udhdharatE lOkAn kArunyAth shastra paninA).

For a better part of this century, Madurantakam Veeraraghavachariar Swamigal 
rode our sampradAyic scene like a colossus.  He served our sampradAyam in 
several capacities.  He was a contemporary of  uttamur Veeraraghavachariar 
swamigal, Villivalam NarayanAchAr Swamigal and other great mahAtmAs of that 
period and used to preside over many of the vidwat sadas.

Swami’s centenary celebration is being planned at  Srirangam where he spent  
the later part of his life.  This centenary celebration will once again 
bring to the forefront Swami’s contribution to our sampradAyam.  It will 
also bring the present day achAryAs and other great scholars in a great 
congregation.  100s of vedic scholars will be honored.  Many poor  
bhaghavatAs will be fed.  It is a great opportunity for all of us to share 
in this kaimkaryam.  I would request all of you to come forward with  
generous donations to pay tribute to one of the greatest mahAns that blessed 
the land of Bharat during this century.

You can make your cheque payable to SMSA Inc

dAsan Vijayaraghavan

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