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Date: Thu Feb 03 2000 - 16:08:53 PST

Dear bhaktas:

Thanks very much for the replies by Sri. Madhavakannan and Sri. Vekatesh
Elayavalli re: PeriyAzhwAr's celebrated status.  It is now clear to me
that the great bhAgawata Sri. Visnuchitthar earned this title not just
because of one, but due to several reasons - each of which enhance his
vaibhavam, and together make him a gem among the AzhwArs.

Briefly, if I may summarize my understanding of PeriyAzhwAr's "perumai":

[1] His pongum parivu for PerumaL, wherein he feels maternal instinct
(similar to Swami NaDadur AmmaL?) in wanting to protect the divya dampatis
from any possible harm,

[2] His eagerness in wishing PerumaL well, by singing Pallaandu at the
very outset (unlike NammAzhwAr),

[3] The greatness of his thiruppallaandu, which has been stated to
be equivalent to the all-encompassing sound "Om" by Manavala MamunigaL,

[4] His becoming the father-in-law of PerumaL, by virtue of giving away
his daughter in marriage to the Lord - in other words, he reached the
status of a father to PerumaL! 

Once again, I'm grateful to fellow members for giving me this understanding,
and please feel free to amend any of my statements.

-Srinath C.