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New Member

From: Ramakrishnan Kazhiyur-Mannar (
Date: Tue Feb 01 2000 - 21:28:48 PST

                                             Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha

Dear Elders,
        I am a new member in this list. I am currently working towards
my Ph.D. in Computer and Information Sciences in The Ohio State
University, Columbus.
        I have joined this group with the intention of learning about
the great ocean of true knowledge that is Vaishnavism from the elderly
scholars that you are. It is a privilege to be born into a culture like
ours and to be in contact with scholars and to hear their ideas first
hand is surely a blessing from Acharyan and the elders.

sadhaa bhuyadhdhare sangastava bhakteshu viseshatha: |
udhha me saphalam janma bhavatsandharshanaadhabhhuth||

May I, O Hari, ever have contact with men of piety
   (so that) my life's purpose shall be attained
      - Sage Agasthya
      (Adhyathma Ramayana : Ch 3: 43)

I am humbled by the opportunity that this list offers and would like to
express my thanks to my paternal uncle, Sri. K.M.Narayanan for having
introduced me to this list. I look forward to learning a lot about our
Sampradayams and the ideology of Vaishnavism.

Ramakrishnan Kazhiyur-Mannar