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From: Harini Raghavan (
Date: Tue Feb 01 2000 - 12:38:51 PST

Om Namo Narayana

Dear Bhakthi List Members

Namaskaram. Though I joined the Bhakthi list a month back, I am just 
introducing myself now. I very much enjoy reading all the posts and have 
gathered a lot of knowledge after joining the list about our philosophy and 
also the arthams of various slokams that I kept reciting all these years 
without understanding their meaning.

I am working in Microsoft as a software engineer. I am living around the 
Seattle area. So if any bhakthas are there around this area (even Portland, 
Oregon or Vancouver, Canada), and if you have any discourses or sing bhajans 
and slokams please do inform me.

My uncle's doing a lot of kaimkariyam for the Tirupputkuzhi temple. There's 
a webpage developed for the same. Please visit the site when you have the 

Thanks and pranams

sarvam krishnArpanam

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