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Date: Tue Feb 01 2000 - 12:28:13 PST

Dear members:

I have a question about Sri. Vishnuchittar being given the title of
PeriyAzhwar, etc.  It is generally accepted (as per Sri. ManavAla 
mAmunigaL's Upadesa Rathna Maalai) that Vishnuchittar was conferred
this divine title because of the "pongum parivu" that he demonstrated
for Piratti and PerumaL on the streets of Madurai (correction??)...

However I've heard in a taped upanyAsam by Sri. K.R. ArAvamudhan, that
Swami Desikan has a different view about the same (as gleaned from the
godastuti) that Vishnuchittar earned this title because he took the
"AndAL saatthina poomaalai" to PerumaL and garlanded the moolavar with
the same maalai.

I would like to hear opinions about this, if any.  Thanks for your
time and interest.

-Srinath Chakravarty