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From: Sudarsanan S (
Date: Mon Jan 31 2000 - 22:25:54 PST

Hello All,

This mail is to introduce myself as per the directive of the
Bhakti list.

I am S. Sudarsanan currently working in Bangalore. I was
born and brought up in Salem. My father was a Tamil and
Sanskrit Pandit and he was also a vedic scholar. He had
a very good collection of religious books.

I learnt few vedic mantras and divya prabhandha pasurams
from him. I am quire interested in these topics and I had
an opportunity to browse through site. I was
thrilled to see interesting articles and bhakti list archives
in that. I decided to join the Bhakti list to learn some good
things and spend the life usefully.

I would like to thank Sri. Mani for his contribution. Let the
Supreme Lord give him more energy to continue doing this
service to the human kind.

Thanks & Regards,