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Re: A prayer for the unfortunate ones
Date: Fri Dec 31 1999 - 13:33:46 PST

There is nothing miraculous in the release of the hostages, especially since 
the Indian Govt. has released 3 dreaded terrorists in exchange of hostages. 
Moreover, the 6 hijackers, who murdered an innocent Indian man have got away 
scot free. These dreaded 9 terrorists will kill how many more innocents, the 
Lord only knows. The Lord only knows if there is a repeat of Malik Kafur's 
sack of Sri Rangam pending in future. 

In my humble opinion, we should not trouble our Lord by praying to him for 
everything. We should rather try to prevent such situations from recurring in 
future. In this particular case, we will do well to make ourselves aware of 
the haunting sceptre of implacable Islamic terrorism over the globe.

By thoughts might be resented by numerous Bhagvatas, but as I see, Sri 
Krishna has asked us to 'Mamanusmar yuddjyacha' i.e. remember me and FIGHT.


Vishal Agarwal

<< Dear Bhagavatas
 It is a happy announcement that the hostages are being freed. 
 The moment we think of Sri Hanuman, miracles do happen. 
 Let us recite the slokam given earlier as many times as possible on 6th 
 January 2000 by way of offering thanks to Anjaneya.
 Anbil Ramaswamy