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AchArya RaamAnujA Navarathna SatAri kaimkaryam at Melkote

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Fri Dec 31 1999 - 12:03:59 PST

Dear BhakthAs :

What a Millenium it has  been ! 

The seeds for the great Sri SampradhAyam was 
planted 176 years before the start of this
millenium with the avathAram of 
Sri RanganAtha Muni /Nathamuni ( 824-924 A.D) ,
His sishya paramaparai spanning another 
117 years includes :
UyyakkonDAr ( 826-931 A.D) ,

MaNakkAl Nambi (832-937 A.D),

YaamunAcchArya/AlavandhAr ( 916-1041 A.D).

Afterwards came the five preceptors of our EmperumAnAr 
( 1017-1137 A.D). They are:

(1) Periyanambi /MahA Poornar,

(2) Thirumalai Nambi/Srisaila Poornar ( 973-1073 A.D)

(3) ThirukkOttiyUr nambi/Goshti PoorNar

(4) MaalAdharA/ ThirumAlai AndAn 

(5) Thiruvaranga PerumAL / AlavandhAr AlvAn 

Then came our Udayavar , who gave us the Sri Bhashyam
and Eight other Sri Sookthis and grew the Sri SampradhAyam 
to its magnificent heights through an illustrious line of 
great AchArya SaarvabhoumAs protecting our matchless
Ubhaya VedAntha SampradhAyam .It has been adiyEn's privelge
to be associated  with the two Kaimkaryams dedicated
to AchArya RaamAnujA with ALL of Your Support in the last
year of this millenium .

One is the AchArya RaamAnujA CD ROM in two versions
( Vadakalai and Tenkalai ) and the other is the Rathna
SatAri Kaimkaryam that is just getting underway and
racing towards completion in the next six weeks 
for SamarpaNam at AchArya RaamAnujA Sannidhi at 
Melkote after traveling through ThiruviNNagar ,
Srirangam, ThirumAlirumchOlai and Srivilliputthur
during the first two weeks of the month of 
February , 2000 .

February 5 is when Thai AmAvAsyai and SravaNam 
come together.It will be  a great BhAgyam if 
the first stage of the samarpaNam at ThiruviNNagar 
can take place on this ThiruvONam day . February 9 is 
the day when Revathi constellation , the Janma Nakshathram
of SriranganAthA , is in ascendance .It will be
another great Bhaagyam , if the Dhivya Dampathis
of Srirangam will decide that the SatAri be blessed at
their CharaNa kamalams  and uLL Desikan sannidhi on Feb 9.
February 10 is the MahA samprOkshaNam at Sri Villiputthur
at NaachiyAr ThirumALikai. Asmath AchAryan ,HH
Srimath Azhagiya Singar will be there for blessing
this Kaimkaryam . After that day , it will be 
a blessing to travel to ThirumAlirumchOlai , 
have the 1000 vessel AkkAra Vadisil presentation to 
the Lord and afterwards present  the SatAri to Azhagar 
and then move with the blessed SatAri on to 
Melkote for the final SamarpaNam of the Nava Rathna 
kachitha SatAri that Swami Desikan saluted in his 
Sri RanganAtha PaadhukA Sahasram so eloquently .

Three more BhakthAs have expressed their interest
to support this Kaimkaryam . AdiyEn is delighted
to acknowledge their additional support . It is
not proper to say that it is too late for 
such Kaimkaryams .If any other BhakthA wants 
to join in this Kaimkaryam ,please let adiyEn know 
at your earliest convenience (  not later than 
January 3, 2000).

BHAKTHAAS IS NOW $ 1,051 . The additional funds
over the original target of $600 will permit us
to expand the Kaimkaryam to enmesh  more Quality 
gems on the SatAri . AdiyEn's personal thanks to
every one of you for your magnificent support.

The Kaimkaryam will commence at Chennai 
on January 3 , 2000 ,KrishNa Paksha DwAdasi day , 
when the Anusha Nakshathram is in ascendance . 
You might recall that (Aani) Anusham is
AchArya Naatha Muni's Thirunakshathram . 
January 3 is also the day of " KutthuviLakkeria -"
ThiruppAvai Day. Our prayers to Lord 
RanganAthA and His divine consort to
bless this Kaimkaryam and bring together 
all of the Sri RamAnuja sampradhAyins closer 

Here is the current list of Supporters
of the SatAri kaimkaryam:

1.  Sri ChatAri Ramesh, Colorado
2.  Sri Mohan sagar , Colorado
3.  Sri T.A. Varadhan , Colorado
4.  Sri Madhavakkannan , Simhapuri
5.  Sri Sampath Kumaran, Overseas
6.  Srimathi Sheela Belur , MD
    (In memory of her dear Mother )
7.  Sri V.R.AchAryA , MD
8.  Sri. Valathur MuraLidharan, MA
9.  Sri Raja KrishNaswamy , MA
10. Sri Diwakar KaNNan , CA
11. Sri MuraLi Kadambi(Rajagopal), NJ
12. Sri Anand Vadhul, NY
13. Sri Sriram Ranganath , NC
14. Sri G.Sreenivas , NY
15. Sri V.SadagOpan , NY
16. Sri A.Bharat , Bangalore
17. Srimathi Kalyani  KrishnamachAri, Chicago
18. Sri Murali Rangaswamy , MA

Please send your pledged amounts to :

Mrs.Nagu Satyan
7821 W.Alder Drive
Littleton , CO 80128-5522

Please make the checks payable to
SMSA Inc. Your Contribution is 
Tax Deductible. I will forward
the checks that I have received 
to Srimathi Nagu Satyan for final
transmission to Chennai Tax Free 
Foundation .

NaarAyaNa , NaarAyaNa , NaarAyaNa ,
AchArya RaamAnujar ThiruvadigaLE saraNam 
Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SadagOpan