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tirup-pAvai in dEva-nAgarI
Date: Fri Dec 31 1999 - 07:15:42 PST

SrImAn kESava-dAs [] has reported that kAnchi SrI 
prativAdi-bhayankaram aNNangarAchArya svAmi had published a sanskrt 
translation of the 'nityA/nusandhAnam' which includes inter alia 

This renaissance personage, if I may import this honorofic to the twentieth 
century, had in fact translated the entire corpus of divya-prabandham into 
sanskrt language.    Each verse is first printed in dEva-nAgari 
transliteration, followed by the versified sanskrt translation, and the 
essence of the range of glosses on the verse condensed into a sanskrit TIkA / 
commentary.         In the case of periya-tiru-mozhi [titled by PBA svAmi as 
'brhat-samhitA'], the essential commentary is given in Hindi.     It just 
happened that some parts of this magnum opus could not issue in print.  

'tirup-pAvai' in dEva-nAgari and sanskrt translation is, of course, included 
in this.

Another reference in the day's postings:  gOvardhanam SrIrangAchArya-svAmin 
was the mUla-purusha of the majestic and extensive SrIranga-ji mandir at 
vrindAvan in Uttar Pradesh.    The 'rang-ji mandir' is situated right across 
the road from the beautiful kESava-rAi temple raised in Rajasthan pink stone 
by Raja Man Singh, the general of the moghul king Akbar.     The svami's  
descendant of the same name is the present sthalAchArya of this temple.   The 
kUTa-stha svAmi (who was from kAnchIpuram) accomplished the task of raising 
the magnificent temple for ANDAL and ranga-mannAr right in vrindAvan and on 
the banks of the sacred yamunA by winning the hearts of the local devotees, 
and the consecration of the temple was carried out in 1857, the year of the 
first organised uprising against colonial rule.

The svAmi had earlier established a smaller temple right at gOvardhanam;  
little surprise the sacred name attached to him.

 The present gOvardhanam svAmi is a distinguished scholar of our 
ubhaya-vEdAnta sampradAyam, and is single-mindedly dedicated to upholding the 
daily worship and the seasonal festivals undeviating from the traditions of 
our 'divya-dESam' elsewhere.   His address ~~ Sri Govardhanam Rangacharya, 
Rangji Mandir, Vrindaban (Uttar Pradesh), India.   Phone:  0565-442282.

The present svAmi has made his own signal contribution to the 'sampradAyam' 
by publishing his distinguished ancestor's Sanskrit translation of the 
bhagavad-vishayam vyAkhyA on 'tiru-vAi-mozhi'.   The translation was made a 
hundred and fifty years ago, and is now happily available in print. 

aDiyEn Tirumanjanam Sundara Rajan.