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Re: New year resolution for inculcating Athma guNAs- a loud thinking...

From: sampath kumar (
Date: Fri Dec 31 1999 - 03:19:22 PST

Dear friends,

This is New Year eve and everyone's asking everyone
else what they are going to do to "ring out the old
century" and "ring in the New Millennium"!

Adiyen has been asked the question at least by a dozen
friends through telephone and private mails in the
last 48 hours!

Adiyen is a bit shy to confess that nothing great is
being planned for the momentous occasion except the

My 10-year old son and I have decided to recite the
Vishnu-sahasranAmam this evening at home to usher out
the old year in gratitude to "peruMal" for all the
blessings and benefits He has showered on us all these

Tomorrow morning at the stroke of dawn we have decided
to perform "1008" 'gAyatri-japam' to  usher in the New

I don't how others on the list are spending their New
Year/New Millennium party!


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