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Thiruppaavai in devanagari

From: Prof.TAS Vijayaraghavan (
Date: Thu Dec 30 1999 - 23:23:49 PST

srimathE raamaanujaaya nama:
Regarding the query by Shri.Venkataraghavan , MSCEB, P O Box:
111, Manama, Bahrain about Thiruppaavai in devanagari script.

I am not aware of any Sanskrit version of Thiruppaavai but I have
some information about Thiruppaavai available in Hindi. There is
an excellent book writen by Sri. Vidwan K.S.Raghavachary of Sri
Rangam for the benefit of people who are familiar with Hindi and
Devanagari script. I met his son in Sri Rangam last year. From
his son I came to know that this project of bringing out this
book was
initiated by the Late President Shri. Shankar Dayal Sharma and
was entrusted to Sri.K.S.Rahavachari who is an exponent in
Sanskrit and Hindi. The book was printed with preface written by
HH Ahobila Mutt Jeyar  (dated 18.05.96) and Justice
Sri.M.Srinivasan (dated 1.2.96) of High Court Madras. For lack of
promotion and advertisement, the copies of this book could not be
sold as expected and a large number of copies are still unsold.
He was requesting me if anything could be done about this. I
requested him to send me a copy of the book so that I will post
this information in the bhakti list and other vaishnava related
sites. I received the copy recently and was thinking of posting
it in the internet. Bhagavath sankalpam this query came in the
list today. I will scan few pages and send them to few sites and
also to Shri.Venkataraghavan. The book was priced at Rs.30 ( I
don't know now). For copies, please write to

Shri.Vidwan K.S.Raghavachary
3, Dashavathar Sannidhi Street
Srirangam 620 006
Tamil Nadu, India

The press address is : Embar Graphics
                                   27/6 , 1st Street
                                    West Mambalam
                                    Chennai 600 033
( I am not sure if it is available here)

I hope the hindi version would serve the purpose of reading
thiruppavai as the scripts are similar.

I also appeal to all through this posting that such a great
pioneering work should be encouraged. It is very sad that
Shri.K.S.Raghavachary Swami invested his personal money in
getting this printed as a kainkaryam and there is a huge loss for
him because not many copies were sold. I will be sending few
scanned pages of the paasurams and his lucid translaton in hindi
to all the popular vaishnavite sites and request them to post
this appeal about this publication.


madhurakavi dhaasan