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Re: Information about Narasimha

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Date: Thu Dec 30 1999 - 19:51:18 PST

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Subject: Re: Information about Narasimha

> Sri:
> Dearest all,
> There is one place near GunToor, by name "ma~ngaLagiri", where
up the hill
> there is Lord Narasimha temple. I was there when I was 11 years
old. At this
> hill, when one offers "paanakam" (kind of drink for
Narasimhan), whatever
> may be the size of container, only half He takes in, beyond
which it spills
> out of His pavaLA vaay...

I am blessed to be able to say that this Perumal, known by the
locals as Sri Paanakaala LakshmiNarasimhan is the kula daivam for
my maternal grandparents.  In fact, my great grandfather, Sri
Vinjamuri Bhavanachariar provided the funds for repairing and
re-building the steps leading to the ancient temple.  I have
never visited this sannidhi, but my parents had the opportunity
to do so during their most recent visit to India.  It is said
that receiving this pAnakam prasadam is a great blessing, for it
has been known to cure illnesses.

Perhaps, one of the other bhAgavathas hailing from Andhra, such
as Sri Vinjamuri Mahavishnu, or my relation and good friend, Sri
Sarangapani Kidambi, can elaborate further on the temple and its
sthala purAnam.