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Re: Information about Narasimha

From: sampath kumar (
Date: Thu Dec 30 1999 - 00:07:28 PST

--- Mohan Sagar <> wrote:
> The other temples of note that I know about are all
> abhimAna> sthalams in the neighboring state of
Andhra Pradesh.> One> other temple, in the town of
Mattapalli, has become> very famous> because the
LakshmiNarasimhan here often receives> kainkaryam
from> the noted scholar of Chennai, Mukkur>

Sri.U.Ve.Mukkur Swamy has also put two other
"Nrismha-kshEtrA-s" on the religious map of India for
all devotees of Lord Lakshmi-nrismhan. Both are on the
banks of the River Krishna. One is "Wadapalli" and the
other is "VedAdri".

adiyen has worshipped the "nrisimhan" at Wadapalli. It
is an "adhbhutha" kshetram. Here the Lord is seen to
actually "breathe" if you closely watch the "villakku"
or lamp inside the sanctum-santorum flickering gently
and regularly in response to the Lord's inhaling and
exhaling! When one worships here one gets the feeling
of being enveloped by Vedic sound ... a sort of
stereo-phonic "surround" effect! (My subjective
experience of course, but you try it yourself, if you
want!). No surprise!! When the Lord breathes what do
you expect? "nigama-nisvAsitam"! Pure Vedic sound!

adiyen will soon visit "vEdAdri" by His Grace.
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