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Re: Information about Narasimha

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Date: Wed Dec 29 1999 - 20:54:43 PST

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Subject: Information about Narasimha

> Dear Bhagavathas,
> I am interested in knowing information about the pastimes of
> Narasimha. I would also like to subscribe to magazines which
deal with the
> subject matter and visit relevant websites. I recently bought a
cassette of
> Narasimha sahasranamam. I would like to know where it is from
and if there
> is a softcopy that some one can forward to me.
> I thank you for your efforts and express ny humble gratitude.
> With warm regards
> Rajaram V.

Dear Sri Rajaram,

Glad to hear of your interest in the majestic 4th avAtharan of
Sriman Narayana, Sri LakshmiNarasimhan.   While the famous story
of His saving Prahladan is awe-inspiring, what is equally
inspiring are the miraculous stories surrounding His archarUpam
at various temples throughout South India.

You have probably received several e-mails already regarding
SingapirAn's vaibhavam from some of the more erudite members of
this forum.  But, I thought you may find it interesting that in
addition to His divya dEsham at Thiruvellakai, there are several
other temples of note where the greatness of this magnificent
rUpam of the Lord can be known.   Most well known among these are
two other divya dEshams, Thirukadigai (Sholingur), near Chennai,
and Ahobilam.

The other temples of note that I know about are all abhimAna
sthalams in the neighboring state of Andhra Pradesh.
Interestingly, SingapirAn seems to hold a special place among the
SriVaishnavas who settled in Andhra, for there are several sacred
temples dedicated to Him on hilltops throughout the state.  Most
famous among these are Simhachalam (near Wyzag), Yadagirigutta
(near Hyderabad) and Mangalagiri (near Vijayawada).  All three of
these temples are run with same orthodoxy and adherence to
SriVaishnava traditions as the divya dEshams in Tamil Nadu.  One
other temple, in the town of Mattapalli, has become very famous
because the LakshmiNarasimhan here often receives kainkaryam from
the noted scholar of Chennai, Mukkur LakshmiNarasimha

Information on the first two temples listed above can be found

You may also wish to read an article that some fellow bhAgavathas
and I wrote about Yadagirigutta, which can be found in