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Periya Thirumozhi 7.2- "yaanaay enakkE enakaay adiyEn manan pugundha thEnE"

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Wed Dec 29 1999 - 19:33:38 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brrothers,

ThirumangaiazhwAr enjoys being blessed to see Emperumaan here itself on this 
earth at Divya Desams, with his sarIram.

1. Oh Purest ParipoorNanE! the One who is at ThirunaRaiyoor! The One who 
appeared as Hamsam, and Varaaham! The Thief who stole my mind (that was 
wandering on other materialistic matters) by entering into it, without my 
knowing even! While I utter this, my eyes are welled with (Anandha) tears! 
My mind, while thinking of such greatest dayA of Yours for saving me and 
blessing me, melts like water.. I will never ever long (desire) for anyone 
BUT YOU..! (naLLEn unnai allaal naRaiyoor ninRa nambhIyO!)

2. Oh NambhI of ThirunaRaiyoor! Oh EmperumaanE! the One who took the 
inexplicable Narasimha roopam, and who entered into adiyEn's heart and 
enslaved the same to take over! I will never ever praise "others" (who have 
interests on other matters) by singing of them. I will never approach 
singing poems on anyone except YOU!!

3. Oh ThirunaRaiyoor NambhI! After my mother and father left me, it is You 
who took their roles, as my Father and Mother. The Master has become my 
parents too. I will never ever desire for and sing joyfully the lustrous 
huge dark hued greatest Divine form of Yours and nothing else.

4. Oh NambhI of ThirunaRaiyoor, where the place is filled with beautiful 
gardens and honey flodded and bee-laden flowers! Oh Lord, who had Your Yoga 
nithrA as a small Baby on Banyan leaf, after eating all worlds! unparalleled 
Chief! I can never think of adiyEn forgetting this realisation of Your 
greatest i.e the Baby( after eating all worlds, as the Primoridal, ONLY 

5. Oh ThirunaRaiyoor NambhI! Even the great celestial Devas (and four faced 
BrahmA) can not comprehend You and praise You. But the most wonderful thing 
is: Such greatest You, my SwamI! You have blessed adiyEn and adiyEn desires 
to serve You. I will never ever let You go out after You have, by Yourself 
entered into adiyEn's heart. I have lost my shyness on this matter. (means: 
I am too lowly self; naayinum kadaiyEn. BUT still I will never let You, the 
greatest of great to get out of me..- I am not ashamed of that.)

6.  en thaadhai thaadhaiappaal ezhuvar pazhavadimai/
vandhaar* en nenjinuLLE vanthaayai pOgalottEn/
anthO! an aaruyirE! arasE! aruL enakku/
nandhaamai thandha yendhaay! naRaiyoor ninRa nambhIyO!/

Oh my life! my uyirE! my ruler! my master! my krupaapakaraa! (the One who is 
most merciful to me!) ThirunaRaiyoor NambhI! My father, his father, his 
grandfather- for generations, have been performing their kaimkaryam (as our 
rights) and serving at Your Feet. This is my ancestral property( 
pithuraraarjitham). Hence, You, having entered into my heart, out of Your 
own free will..  , - I will never let You get out.. (I will never let this 
greatest blessing go away from my heart).. ( oh mind! You have lost this 
fortune so long..alas!)

7. The personification of DayA- Periya PiraaTTi- the One who has the 
beautiful gait like Hamsam- resides in Your Divine Chest, Oh Lord of 
ThirunaRaiyoor! The Most strongest One who cut the thousand shoulders of 
Kaarthaveeryarjunan, the terror for other kings! You have been residing in 
adiyEn's heart, out of great dayA and mercy on this lowly self, (due to 
Periya PiraaTTi's recommendation? ); Now leaving this heart, should You 
decide to reside in someone else's (strong) heart, I will NOT let You do 
that. I can not accept. I am stopping You here; right now. (strog heart of 
someone else's - because he is ready to stay alive even without You- hence, 
it is strong. I am not. I wil perish if You decide to go away.)

8. Oh NambhI of ThirunaRaiyoor, wheich is cool to eyes due to beautiful 
fragrant flowers with bees on their top! Oh Lord, the One who stands being 
worshipped by Nithyars, offering flowers with their tender hands and paying 
their obeisance and holding on to Your Lotus Feet! After having (been 
blessed to have) realised Your sweetness, greatness, and after being blessed 
to have You (out of Your own) entered into adiyEn's heart, I will never let 
You go!

9. oonEr aakkai thannai uzhanthOmbhi vaitthamaiyaal/
yaanaay enRanakaay adiyEn manam pugundha/
thEnE! * thee~nkarumbin theLivE! en chinthai thannaal/
naanE yeydhap peRREn naRaiyoor ninRa nambhIyO!

(What a Beautiful pAsuram!) Oh Honey! My Sweetest Lord, who has entered into 
heart of this dAsabhUthan, by being in, as antharyaami, and becoming my 
own...! (yaanaay- as antharyaami; enthanakkaay- for me alone..) Oh sweetest 
Emperumaan, like the sugar cane juice! I struggled with this physical, body 
made of flesh, and been blessed to have You in adiyEn's heart. (means: Even 
with this dirty fleshy body, I am able to get You. Hence, the only reason 
could be for this blessing is: YOUR GRACE ALONE.. "adhuvum avanadhu 

10.  This ten is on the NambhI of NaRaiyoor, which is fertile with watery 
ponds.. It is composed by the strong mountain like shouldered Kaliyan of 
Thirumangai. Those who recite this ten, will be blessed with: eternal happy 
stay at Paramapadham, and blissful enjoyment and presence with 
Paramaanandham serving at the Lotus Feet of Emperumaan.

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam


Narayana Narayana

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