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From: sampath kumar (
Date: Tue Dec 28 1999 - 11:29:12 PST

--- Thirumalai Anandanpillai <>
"If you stop because you think that
> "Varadhan and a few others
> do not like what I have to say", then you are
> stopping for the wrong
> reason.> adiyEn hopes that you stop writing your
own> interpretations because> you realise that it is
unnecessary and is> misrepresenting the message
> of ANdAL and our pUrvAchAryAs.
> Thirumalai anandAnpiLLai Varadhan

adiyen will stop not for the reason you mention.
adiyen will stop because adiyen has nothing really to
say to self-appointed arbiters who decide what is and
is not the message of the "purvAchAryA-s".

>From this point on adiyen shall treat this subject as
closed and say no more.

Many regards,

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