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Periya Thirumozhi 7.1- "vaLLaal! unnai ye~nganam maRakkEnE!"

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Tue Dec 28 1999 - 02:43:57 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Emperumaan consoles the AzhwAr saying "For you alone, I show Myself at Divya 
Desams!". AzhwAr gets excited and requests for removal of further births...

1. "kaRavaa mada naagu than kanRu uLLinaappOl/
maRavaadhu adiyEn unnaiyE azhaikkinREn/
naRavaar pozhil soozh naRaiyoor ninRa nambhI/
piRavaamai yenaippaNi yenthai piraanE!

When (naagu) the calf does not get the (breast) milk from its mother cow, it 
always thinks (uLLi) of the cow alone. Similarly, adiyEn, Your eternal 
servant (sEshan), without ever forgetting You,  am calling and thinking of 
You alone. Oh, my father- my Lord of ThirunaRaiyoor, which is surrounded by 
honey dripping gardens! Please bless me (paNi - make me) not to be born in 
this world (which is a virOdhi to attain You) any more!

2. vaRRaa mudhuneerodu maal varai yEzhum/
thuRRaa munthuRRiya thol pugazhOnE!
aRREn adiyEn unnaiyE azhaikkinREn/
peRREn aruL thandhidum enthai piraanE!

Oh My Lord! My Father! the One who ate the whole universe including the 
seven vast ocenas, and huge mountains, in one gulp...! adiyEn, the One who 
is ONLY Your servant, is blessed to call You even! (though Your are 
SarvEshwaran!) Please have mercy on adiyEn (for not being born any more..)

3. thaarEn piRarkku un aruL ennidai vaitthaay/
aarEn adhuvE parugik kaLikkinREn/
kaarEy kadalE! malaiyE! ThirukkOtti
yoorE! uganthaayai uganthu adiyEnE.

I will never give to others the krupai of Yours that You blessed me with. It 
is for me alone; You-the dark cloud hued One, who has the residence of 
ThiruppaaRkadal (Milk Ocean), ThiruvEmkatam, ThirukkOttiyoor, - have mercy 
on adiyEn too and have me as Your another residence. That dayA and 
sowlabhyam of Yours- I am just mulling, drinking, and enjoying contemplating 
about. (though I am not blessed with the anubhavam of it fully..)

4. puLvaay piLandha punidhaa! enRu azhaikka/
uLLE ninRu en uLLam kuLirum oruvaa!/
kaLvaa! kadan mallaik kidantha karumbE!
vaLLaal! unnai ye~nganam maRakkEnE!

Oh the Pristinely Purest Lord! the one who tore open the beak of the bird! 
(pakAsuran)- Like that I called You and immediately You came in and stood in 
adiyEn's mind and showered me with Your presence! Oh the Only One 
unparalleled Lord! kaLvaa- The One whose nature can not be comprehended! The 
sweetest Reclining Lord of Kadal mallai (Mahabhalipuram) like the sugar 
cane! Your such greatest dayA and udhaara guNam (of being in adiyEn's heart 
even )- How can I ever forget!

5.  villEl nudhal vEl nedu~nkaNNiyum neeyum/
kallaar kadunkaanam thirindha kaLiRE!/
nallaay! nara nAraNanE! yengaL nambhI!
sollaay unnai naan vaNangi thozhum aaRE!

Oh Male Lion, who had wandered in the cruel, rocky, hard, dense forest, 
along with PiraaTTi, (who has the spear like long, large darting eyes, and 
the bow like beautiful forehead)! The One who does only good to Your 
devotees! Nara nArAyaNA! (the One who does penance (thapas) thinking of way 
to save the people! ) Our Lord! Please tell me the way to pay adiyEn's 
obeisance to You! (means: You are such a great upakaarakan that no extent of 
paying obeisance to You by any way or means will not come any way near to 
what You do to us..)

6. paniyEy parankunRin pavaLatth thiraLE!/
muniyE! thirumoozhikkaLatthu viLakkE!/
iniyaay! thoNdarOm parugiinnamudhaaya
kaniyE! unnaik kaNdukoNdu uyndhu ozhindhEnE!

Oh most Beautiful red coral like EmperumaanE! the One who is at 
Thiruppiridhi, at great Himalayas, filled with snows! The One who does good 
to Your devotees! The lustrous shining Lord of ThirumoozhikkaLam! The One 
who is the sweetest nectar for us- Your eternal servants! The ripened fruit! 
- Such Greatest You- I am blessed to have seen and be saved!

7. gathiyEl illai nin aruLalladhu enakku/
nidhiyE! Thiruneermalai nitthialatthu otthE!
pathiyE! paravitth thozhum thoNdar thamakkuk/
gathiyE! unnaik kaNdu koNdu uyndhu ozhindhEnE!

There is no other means or ways for me OTHER than yoor krupai.... Oh (my) 
wealth! Oh (my) most valuable pearl of Thiruneermalai!
Oh PathiyE! (like the the place where devotees find themselves conducive for 
enjoyment and living)! (like Thirup"pathi"..) (adiyEn's interpretation: my 
dearest hubby!- from Parakala nAyaki!) Oh Gathi(the only shelter and refuge) 
for Your servants (devotees), who surrender at Your Feet and pay their 
obeisance! Such Greatest You- I am blessed to have seen and be saved!

8. atthA! ariyE! enRu unnai azhaikkap/
pitthaa enRu pEsuginRaar piRar yennai/
mutthE! maNi maaNikkamE! muLaikkinRa/
vitthE! unnai ye~nganam naan vidugEnE!

Oh mySwamI! The One who removes the obstacles and virOdhis! - When i call 
You like that, others call me as "pitthA!" (mad man). Oh Pearl-like cool 
beautiful Lord! Mani maaNikkamE! The seed that yields the greatest fruit! 
Having known Your such greatest nature and guNAs, how can I ever leave You!

9. thooyaay! chudar maamathipOl uyirkku ellaam/
thaayaay aLikkinRa thaN thaamaaraik kaNNA!
aayaa! alaineer ulagu yEzhumummuNda/
vaayaa! unnai yenganam naan maRakkEnE!

The pristinely purest Lord! (parisutthanE!) The One who showers coolest 
merciful glances from Your most beautiful red Lotus like eyes, like the 
shining cool moon's rays, and grants happiness to the beings as the most 
affectionate mother! The cowherd Boy KaNNA! The One who has the mouth that 
ate all worlds surrounded by oceans! Such greatest Apathsahan- Saviour- How 
can I ever forget You!

10.   Oh BhakthAs! Sing these ten thamizh pAsurams of Kaliyan, the one who 
serves eternally to ThirunaRaiyoor NambhI. By singing them and dancing with 
joy, there will be no sorrow for you. Also you will get Sri VaikuNtam 

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam


Narayana Narayana

NarayanadAsan Madhavakkannan
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