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"mArgazhi" diary

From: sampath kumar (
Date: Mon Dec 27 1999 - 23:57:11 PST

Dear bhakti-list friends,

Adiyen thanks Sri.T.A.Varadan and Sri.Sridhar for
their comments and gratuitous advice. 

Adiyen recognizes a "gag-order" when he sees one and
fully understands what is being meant. 

Adiyen did not know that it is not allowed for an
ordinary Vaishnava-layman to converse about or muse on
Goda's poetry of "tiruppAvai" without immediately
inviting comparison with some great giant of a
commentator of the past or present. 

(This is a bit like expecting some poor local
cricket-club player to walk out and bat exactly like
Sir Donald Bradman all the time! Also, it is like
saying, "when we can watch the great Bradman play
classic strokes on my video-player at home, why do I
need to come out to the local playground to watch this
lousy club-standard batsman at the crease?". Why

Since the standards of the two learned gentlemen in
this matter are very, very 'high' indeed and adiyen is
absolutely certain he will never be able make their
grade, adiyen sees wisdom in keeping his little
reflections on the poetry of the "tiruppAvai" to his
own humble self.

Adiyen is sorry to have "offended" you both Sir on the
eve of the "new millennium". He shall offend you no
further, most reverend Sirs,

Thank you, 

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