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Re: NammAzhwar's Moksham celebration @ Sterling Nj, by Sri Ranganatha Temple ...
Date: Mon Dec 27 1999 - 19:52:46 PST

I want to add a few words to Krishna's moving description.  I experienced the 
enactment of Nammazhwar's Moksham for the first time. The entire event was 
overwhelming. Not being conversant  with Tamil, I felt very helpless because 
I could only feel the vibrations and impact of the chantings but I had only 
an incomplete idea of the literal meaning. Just at that time, a kind person 
lent me a book that had the English transliteration in it -- which I read 
when the priests were preparing for the portion of the enactment where we 
asked for our Acharya to be returned to us.  That and some explanations that 
I got from my friend Krishnaprasad really put me in a trance that I will 
never forget.

All in all, the 3 days event was well attended. I had the opportuity to meet 
and talk to many mahanubhavas whose names I see on the bhakti list (like 
Anbil Swamy, Nagu Satyan, etc.). What a great group of people. I am sure more 
devotees would come if each of us who was there can bring one or two new 
people to this event next year. 

Congratulations toeveryone who made this happen.


Adiyen Vishwanath