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NammAzhwar's Moksham celebration @ Sterling Nj, by Sri Ranganatha Temple of NY

From: K K (
Date: Mon Dec 27 1999 - 10:07:56 PST

Dear Friends
   Words cannot describe the emotional feelings we had
on the day of NammAzhwAr's Moksham !! First off, Lord
Rangantha was decorated with Pandiyan Kondai, and had
neela kavacham like vastharam over him and with
sparkling Jewelry, He looked exactly like the one at
Sri Rangam.  It was such a great replica of that Lord
Ranganatha at Sri Rangam everyone of us who were
there, couldn't keep our eyes off of him... Then that
evening, NammAzhwAr was carried over by every devotee,
in a Pallaku and the chanting of the Prabhandam was so
loud and magnanimous, it felt like as if we were
experiencing everything so real !!! At last after all
the procession and chanting, NammAzhwAr fell at the
feet of Lord Ranganatha, and he was then fully covered
with Thulasi and the scene flooded with tears in
devotees eyes.. there is not a single person who went
by without a tear drop in their eyes... it was so
overwhelming, everyone of us felt the connection in
their heart mind and soul !!!! After a shot while,
when NammazhwAr was given back to us by the Lord, He
was then removed from Thulasi and rejoined the other
Acharyas, the joy bounced back in everyone’s face and
smiles were all around and the chanting of that
Kanninun siruthanbu !! Was so loud,, and it was so
overwhelming, the entire program was a huge success
and it was just happy moment all around us... The
Gosti was so much in Joy and so does everyone who
participated in it... It was one of the best ever !!!
As I said you have to be there to believe it, or to
experience it.  A bunch of words cannot real mean or
say anything out, You have to be there to experience
it.... Those who were present know exactly what I am
talking about !!... Friends all I can say is, by the
blessings of our Acharya and by our Unity we made it
happen, and I hope to see the unity to grow in every
aspect of our lives...

Thanks again

Krishna Kanumalla.

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