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Mumookshapadi -Thirumantra Prakaranam Part-VIII
Date: Mon Dec 27 1999 - 00:45:00 PST

Srimathe Ramanujaya Nama:
Sri Venkata gurave Nama:

Respected Swamin,

In the last post we mentioned that Piratti stands between us(Chetanas)
and Lord hence we are protected by a such Lord in whose Company Piratti is
always present.

We will proceed to the next rahasyams :

44. Since all the chetanas are servants of Lord, they automatically become
servants of Piratti as well.
It is like when a slave is taken for slavery in a household, though he would be
contracted to work for the "Master" he will also work for "His Master's Wife"

45. Hence we should not consider Piratti and the Lord as different entities.

46. Piratti and Lord are like
a. Fragrance and Flower
b. rays and the Sun .

Both cannot be separated from each  other.

47. Hence this Union is spontaneous.
(Note that Surpanaka yearned from Rama without Seetha and Ravana wanted Seetha
without Rama.
 What happened to them are known  well!)

48 to 51.
Here Swami Pillai Lokachar gives some semantic and
grammatical explanation on how the Akaram "A" along with "Aya" in "NarayanAYA"
 signifies the total Servitude to Lord.

52. Being in Servitude to someone is always looked upon as misery in this world.
If that so, how can Servitude to
Lord could be Joyous?

53. It is of course Joyous confirms Swami Pillai Lokachar. even in this world,
if we act as
servants to those people whom we love, do we not enjoy that?
(are we not happy to do carry out some thing  "ordered" by Children or spouse
etc.. in a  Servant mentality . It is similar to that)
Here Vyakayana Karta Sri Manavala Mamuni quotes the "Panimin thiruvarul" Pasuram
to explain the nature of this "Servitutde"

54. We saw that Lord is Sarva Rakshakan as per AkaRAM.
Due to the presence of Piratti and His Kalyana gunas like Vatsalyam and
it becomes possible for Him to be a Sarva Rakshakan. In view of  His nature and
His  Kalyna gunas, we are inclined to His service.
Hence this Servitude is Spontaneous and Blissful.

In the next post we will analyse why seshatvam(servitude) to Lord becomes
Important , spontaneous and Natural to Chetanas.

Swami Pilli Lokachar thiruvadigale Saranam



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